Spare Fiat 500 Key

Fiat 500 spare key

Looking for a spare Fiat 500 key? Let’s just say, the Fiat 500 is such a great car,  an amazing success, but the keys can be an issue. When the car was released back in 2008, we had a problem because only the dealer could supply and programme the keys. Let me explain why. 

Fiat 500 soare key

Inside the key is a transponder chip. It’s nothing special, but think of it like a fingerprint. Everytime you turn the ignition on, the chip is checked by the car memory. If it recognises the chip, it allows the engine to start. If it doesn’t recognise the key, then no petrol will be allowed to flow. This is how the immobiliser works.

It’s a clever system and every car key we sell has a transponder chip inside. 

Normally, with a Ford or Vauxhall, we can take a key off the shelf, cut it and code it to match you car. However Fiat and Alfa keys are different. 

The chips come with a special code

Fiat did a clever thing. They designed the car so that only chips with secret information would programme to the car. The only way to get the secret code was through Fiat and they wouldn’t tell us so we were stuffed!

It also meant that you as the customer had no choice when buying car keys. You had to pay the stupid prices that they set. 

Fortunately, a lot of very clever people decided to try and crack the code. They began releasing software that asked the car nicely for the secret information from it’s memory. Eventually the software worked and this has changed everything for us and you, as the customer. 

So how much money can you save? Let’s have a look at the price savings. 

How much is a spare Fiat 500 key?

This is all about spare car keys. If you’ve lost you’re only Fiat 500 key, then give us a call at our Lincoln Car Key Man workshop on 01522 514141. We’ll need to know where you are and your registration, to give you a quote. 

For now we’re talking about spare keys at our shop. 

There are two types of key for a Fiat 500. The main key is a remote control key. It has a blade that flips out and buttons for the central locking. 

Fiat 500 spare key

The photo shows a rather battered genuine remote key, next to our lookalike key. The dealer key costs £190, then it will need to be programmed. Your bill for a genuine Fiat 500 spare key from the dealer is at least £250

The good news our equipment with programme these keys now. It works out the secret information and adds it to the key before programming. We charge £150 for a lookalike remote key at our shop in Lincoln. It will work exactly the same, but it wil not have a Fiat badge on. Is it worth paying £100 for the badge? 

Cheaper Fiat 500 spare key

The other option you have is a key without buttons. 

Cut and programmed to your car, this type of spare key is much cheaper. The dealers still charge around £200 for this key. However, we can supply and code this and it costs £75, over £100 cheaper. It will lock the doors manually and start the engine. 

Where is Lincoln Car Key Man workshop?

We’re really easy to find, located just off Tritton Rd on the Chieftain Way trading estate. Click here to find us on Google Maps.

If you’re local then please just drop in.  However, if you are coming a distance please call us first to book in. We want to make sure we have the keys in stock and the equipment at the shop. 

We hope this has helped and that we see you soon. 

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