Broken Seat Car Key

Broken Seat Car Key

Do you have a broken Seat car key? There are two different type of Seat key that break. The first is from the cars from 2010 – 2015. The later are from 2015 onwards 

Today we are looking at the later type of key repair. To get back up and running, the choices are either a brand new key from Seat, or a broken Seat car key repair. Let’s look at the repair option. 

Broken Seat Car Key

The key above is from a 2015 Seat Ibiza and the usual fault is that the blade holder cracks and no longer holds the key securely. The price of these type of keys has increased markedly over the last six months. 

Fortunately, a broken Seat car key can key can be repaired at a cost of just £50, which is a big saving. 

Broken Seat Car Key Repair

The first thing we do do is to remove the electronics from inside the broken key. You need to be very careful doing this, if the circuit board is damaged from rough handling, the car will not start!

Next, the circuit board is placed into a new case. The case is not made by Seat, but by a different company who have copied the key. Then the key is cut to match the car. 

The last thing we do is fit a new car key battery and test the key. It will work the same as the original key and is a great money saving answer to a broken seat car key. We call this a battery for life. When it stops working, just come back to us with the key and we’ll replace the battery for free!

How much does the repair cost?

The whole repair will cost you £50, which includes all parts and labour. When compared to the cost of a new key we know this wil save you money. You can see a selection of our car key prices by clicking here

Where is the Lincoln Car Key Man workshop?

We are very easy to find. Based on Chieftain Way, just off Tritton Rd in Lincoln, you are welcome to drop in for free advice. If you are local, there’s no need to book in. However, if you are coming from a distance, please call ahead on 01522 514141 and make sure we are open. Click here to find us on Google Maps. 

We hope to see you soon. 

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