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Car Keys Broken?
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Don't call the dealer
Just call Us

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‘After a very stressful morning, your team were a ray of sunshine
on a day where nothing seemed to be going my way. Thank you’

‘After a very stressful morning, your team were a ray of sunshine
on a day where nothing seemed to be going my way. Thank you’
We are accountable. By having premises, you know you can visit for aftercare service should you need it.

Visit our workshop

We like to think of our workshop as a car key walk-in centre. Every month we have hundreds visit us, asking for advice about broken car keys and faulty car locks. By seeing your car key up close, we can give you the best, free advice possible. Drop in for free, expert advice.
‘Absolutely brilliant service, walked in off the street no appointment and walked out 15 mins later with two repaired van keys. Not only did they repair the broken buttons on the casing they even replaced the batteries in the price. I would recommend them 100%.

About Us

Steve Bulleyment

I started the company in 2004 because I wanted to be a locksmith but no-one would employ me because I didn't have any experience. So I started from scratch and have spent the last 18 years learning every day about the complex systems that secure cars. If it can be fixed then I'll fix it for you.

Simon Bates

Simon is the cheeriest, most likeable employee a boss could ever want. The customers love him, he's always smiling, works very hard and always has a project on the go. He's great with the vehicles and fearless when taking on jobs. He really enjoys solving peoples dilemmas.

Looking for help with your car key problem?

Every day we talk to car owners, like yourself, that have car key problems. From car keys that fall apart, to simply losing your keys or getting locked out of your car! Call us or visit our shop so we can help you. 

broken car key in Lincoln

Broken Keys

Modern car keys just don’t last very long. Blades break, buttons stop working and keys even fall to pieces! We specialize in re-using your expensive electronics and putting them into a new case. This saves you time and money.

Our most popular fixes are Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Hyundai Flip keys. Pop in and show us what’s happening with your car key and I’m sure we will be able to help.

lost car keys

Lost Keys

If it’s all gone wrong and you’ve lost all of your car keys, don’t panic. Although the dealer can take weeks to get you a car key, we aim to get our customers moving within 48 hours. It all depends on which car you have and where you are.

When you call us we’ll need your car make, model and registration number and then we’ll get a quote for you. Every week we help people get moving again, give us a call.


Spare Keys

Do you have a spare key? If you rely on your car for work, school runs and after school clubs, then can you imagine losing your one and only key?

It’s so much easier and cheaper to get a spare key when you already have a key. Tell us your make, model and reg, and we’ll let you know what the cost is for peace of mind. We do all our spare keys at the shop, which makes it easier for us and so cheaper for you. Hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Free Key Battery

It’s true. We call this a ‘battery for life’. So when you visit us for a key battery, we fit a high quality key battery that we know is the best possible. Once we fit this, you can visit us after and we’ll replace the battery for free.

We introduced this because we kept seeing car keys that had been broken by owners trying to do some car key DIY. These days the keys are packed with delicate electronics and it’s easy to break the key when opening it.

Let us take care of the key battery and never worry again about being locked out. Just pop in to see us and we’ll take care of everything.


Happy Faces

Gave advance warning of the keys I needed, turned up, key case changed, new key made and programmed, 45 minutes! How good is that? Just excellent customer service.

Rob, Lincolnshire


Absoloutely delighted with the service. Polite, professional and oh so helpful. We really were in need of assistance ~ and got it, and with a smile too ~ added bonus!! Thanks so much, small words, but enormous gratitude... Shall definitely keep the telephone number to hand, and share it.

Mel, Lincolnshire

Booked my audi tt in for a spare key to be made and programmed was there 20 minutes all done and dusted half the price of audi main dealer if your after great service these are the people to go to

Mark, Lincoln

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