Vauxhall Ignition Problem – Worn Key Catching

Vauxhall Ignition Problem

Today we’re looking at an interesting Vauxhall ignition problem, that may becaome a big problem down the line. The vehicles we’re looking at are the Vauxhall Insignia, Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Mokka, amongst a few

Vauxhall Ignition problem

In 2008, Vauxhall changed the design of their ignition locks, to be more similar to the american market. So this article deals with the type of lock that has a concave facecap. 

Vauxhall Ignition Problem - Symptoms

We started to notice a Vauxhall ignition problem last year when we did a spare key on a police Astra J. This 2015 car was in good condition, but it had been used for stop/start motoring with the drivers frequently removing the keys from the lock. 

When we did our brand new key, cut fresh, it was not as smooth in the lock as the original key. When we looked at the original key we found something interesting. 

Vauxhall Ignition Problem

Look at the photo, the arrow shows a chamfer that has been worn on one side of the key. Instead of the edges being square, they look like they’ve been filed down!

Vauxhall Ignition problem

Again, on both sides of this different Astra K key, there are wear marks which show us that something inside the lock is causing damage to the key. 

Will the lock get worse?

We’ve started to come across Vauxhall cars that have a jammed ignition. All of the cars use this exact style of ignition and key and all of then have very worn keys. We’re assuming that the lock is worn inside and develops sharp edges. This wears the key down as we’ve shown, which in turn fails to turn the lock. 

If you have a Vauxhall ignition problem and are starting to have trouble turning the lock, get it sorted before it jams up altogether. These locks are easy to change when the key can be turned, however when the key is stuck, it is a problem. 

Sometimes a new key will get the lock to turn. However, sometimes they need to be drilled out, which is messy and expensive.

How can it be fixed?

If we catch it in time, we can replace the lock and the key blades. This will keep you up and running and you’ll keep the same key for the ignition as the door. If you leave it too long you’ll be stranded somewhere.

If you’re concerned by your key and lock, and think you may have a Vauxhall ignition problem, come and see us. We’re really east to find on Chieftain Way, just off Tritton Rd. Our postcode is LN6 7RY, and you can click here to find us on Google Maps. 

We hope this has helped and we see you soon. 

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