Kia key Repair Service

Do you own a Kia Car? These are great cars, but after a while, the keys suffer from two problems that we are going to look at as part of our Kia key repair service. Here is the type of key we’ll be looking at in this article. 

Kia Key Repair Service

The good news is that these are fairly simple for us to repair, plus the electronics inside the key very rarely go wrong, unlike other makes.

Kia Key Repair Service - Broken Blade

The worst problem is that the blade breaks away from the rest of the key. The issue is that the blade is attached to a blade holder by way of a small pin. The metal that the blade holder is made from is not strong enough and develops a crack around the hole. The next thing you hear is the chink sound as you key blade drops out on the pavement! Or the key blade gets left behind in the lock when you take the key out. Or maybe you find the blade separate in your pocket or handbag. 

Kia Key repair service

Unfortunately, the blade holder cannot be purchased separately, it comes as part of a replacement case. The good news is that this is an easy, simple fix at our Lincoln Car Key Man workshop. Let’s look at the second problem we see with these keys. 

Kia Key Buttons Perish

The only other problem we see with these keys concern the buttons. Eventually, after many years, the rubber of the buttons wears through. In normal operation, when the rubber is pressed, it activates an electronic switch inside the key. The rubber simply protects the delicate electronics inside the key. 

However, when the rubbers perish, then the switch can only be used by poking something into the key, such as a pencil. This can only damage the key long-term. Therefore we recommend our Kia key repair service to cure both of these problems. 

Kia key repair service

The photo shows a before and after shot. The key on the right is what the customer gave us to fix, the key on the left is what they left with.

Would the Kia key repair service help you?

Battery For Life Included

Kia Key Battery

When you pay for the Kia key repair service, you also get a new key battery. Did you know that these batteries are guaranteed all the time you have the car key? If it starts to fail, just pop back in to see us and we’ll replace it for free!

How Much is the Kia Key Repair Service?

We’re writing this in June of 2023 with inflation running at 8%. However we’ve kept this key repair at £45 for the last ten years and that’s the price as we write. However please call us for latest prices if needed. 

Where is the Lincoln Car Key Man

We are very easy to find. OurLincoln Car Key Man workshop is located on Chieftain Way, just off Tritton Rd. There’s lots of easy parking and you can click here to find us on Google Maps.

If you’re local then pop in anytime, however if you are travelling from a distance, please call us first on 01522 514141. We hope to see you soon. 

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