Renault Trafic Key Repair – How we do it

Trafic key repair

If you have a Renault Trafic, we salute you. We’ve had two Vauxhall Vivaro vans before we switched to a Ford and they were amazing. The only issue we see regularly is that the key buttons wear through. This article will show you how we do our Renault Trafic key repair. 

Renault Trafic Key Repair

Instead of needing a whole new key, there are covers available that can easily repair this key. Unfortunately, the owner of this key kept using it without the rubber button in place to protect the electronics. This caused the switch underneath to delaminate. You can see that the switch has come apart. 

Threfore, this Renault Trafic key repair involves carefully removing the broken switch. We do this with a heat gun, and it gradually heats the switch. These keys are easily damaged if you try this with just a soldering iron. . 

Once the swich is removed we cleaned up the solder pads to accept a brand new switch. 

Renault Trafic key Repair

Renault Trafic Key Repair - Old parts replaced

All that is left to do with this Renault Trafic key repair is to solder on a new switch and replace the key case and key battery. When the key battery is replaced, it is guaranteed for life. If it needs changing again, we do not charge you. 

The other great thing about this key repair is that the key does not need programming. The van will simply see the key as always and work correctly. 

Trafic key repair

Where is the Lincoln Car Key Man Workshop?

We do these repairs at our workshop in Lincoln. We’re really easy to find, just off Tritton Rd, on Chieftain Way. Our postcode is LN6 7RY so find us on Google Maps by clicking here

If you’re local please just drop in. We normally have all the parts in stock for your Renault Trafic key repair. However, if you are travelling any distance, please call us first on 01522 514141 to check we are open. 

Thanks for reading, we hope this has helped and we’ll see you in the future.

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