Car Key Battery change in Lincoln

car key battery change

Is your car telling you that you need a car key battery change? These days most cars are good at letting you know that the car key battery is getting low in power. 

But did you know that on keyless cars (the ones where you can push the button to start), if the key battery get’s too low, the car won’t start!

car key battery change

It seems mad to us that with a £20,000 car, you could be stuck somewhere because of a faulty car key battery. Do you know what to do when you start getting the message that the key battery is low? Our aim is to make it easy for you when you need a car key battery change.

Car Key Battery Problems

Unfortunately, getting your car key battery changed isn’t straight forward. One problem is that when batteries are changed, cheap and nasty batteries are used. Most of the car key battery problems we see have one thing in common, cheap car batteries. 

These are just some of the culprits that are causing problems. We find that as soon as we put a branded battery in the key, such as Maxell or Duracell, the key often comes back to life. 

new car key battery

Our everlasting key battery

Over the last ten years, we’ve seen lots of broken car keys. One uneccessary reason for this is that the owner got frustrated with not knowing how to open the key. We agree that some of the keys are put together like a Mensa test. The manufacturers have not made it easy and it’s no wonder that keys get broken. 

To overcome this, we have a value for money offer that is helping thousands of our customers in Lincoln. When we fit a car key battery, it will last a lifetime. 

It’s not that our car key batteries never run out, but once you pay for your first battery in that key, then the rest are free! We call this a battery for life. 

How much is a car key battery?

We charge £10 to supply and fit a high quality car key battery.  Have you heard of our our car key man workshop in Lincoln?. We’re easy to find with lots of parking and close enough to the shops to grab a coffee. You can find us on Google Maps by clicking this link.

Remember, don’t leave it too late. You’re getting the warning for a reason, and the fix is very simple.

Cau you change my rechargeable key battery?

Ford Transit Key Not working

There are a few car keys that contain rechargeable car key batteries. The cars that have these include BMW, Land Rover models and Ford. There are some that we can change, and the cost is different to the standard type. This is simply because of the work involved and the cost of the battery. Click here to read out how we fix Land Rover Freelander keys

Can I change my own battery?

Yes of course, and if you need help doing this, we recommend looking on You Tube. Not every key is covered but it is a really good source of information. Click here to see more 

We hope this has been useful, remember, we’re here to help you in Lincoln and we hope to see you soon. 

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