How much do car keys cost?

How much do car keys cost

If you’re wondering how much do car keys cost,  we can explain what is involved. At first glance car keys can seem expensive, but just like any quote, the price is made up of several items. We’ll go through each part so you understand how you can save money and what to expect. 

How much do car keys cost?

We’ll also list some of our prices so you can get an idea of what we charge. Please remember that if you’re located in other parts of the country, then the price of how much do car keys cost varies greatly. One reason may be the level of  competition, amongst other things. 

How much do car keys cost? Breaking down the bill

There are several things that make up the cost of a car key, let’s look at the list

  1. Firstly the actual key itself, what sort of key do you need 
  2. Next, we may need a code to cut the key
  3. Programming the key
  4. Is it a spare or are all keys lost?

Let’s look at each in turn

What sort of key?

The cost depends on the type of key you want. In the photo above it shows both a basic key and a remote key for a basic Peugeot 207. 

The basic key has a chip inside it, so it can be programmed in to start the car. The cost of a basic key varies car to car, but is usually around £30. The remote key has buttons and allow you to lock and unlock the car. These again vary in price, but this key from the dealer is now about £100. 

Remember, these costs are before anyone has programmed the key to start your car. 

How much do car keys cost

Next, do you want a genuine key from the dealer, or a copy key that looks similar? Over the last five years, there has been a boom in the amount of lookalike car keys that are available. They vary greatly in quality and price, so when comparing quotes, you must ask this question.

Likewise, if you go for a lookalike key, will you still get a warranty? 

Hopefully you can see that already there’s a lot to think about when asking ‘how much do car keys cost?’

Programming or key cutting codes?

Sometimes an Auto Locksmith will need a code to either cut the key, or programme it to your car. Fortunately the new equipment available on the market, have made codes less important than they once were. However. if you have lost your keys, then a code may be needed. Sometimes this cost money when we order it from the dealer. 

Car key programming costs

Inside every car key is some sort of microchip. Think of this like a fingerprint, and makes your car key unique. What we need to do is introduce the new car key to your car. Without this, the car will not let the engine start. 

How much do car keys cost

We use the very latest equipment to ensure that we can programme many of the latest cars. When we’re asked ‘How much do car keys cost?’ we try to explain why we charge our fee for car key programming. 

We estimate that we spend £15,000 every year, buying new equipment or updating software to the latest available. Therefore, when we programme your key, you’re paying for part of this cost. The dealerships do the same, however when you visit them you are also  paying for the new showroom, and the’free’ Wifi and coffee they provide you with. 

On average, we charge £50 to programme your key to the car. This price includes Vat and we also offer free car key programming in certain circustances. Click here to find out more. 

How much do car keys cost? Is it a spare or are you stuck?

A major part of the price is where you are. So if you just need a spare and you can drive to our shop on Chieftain Way, then this is the best way to save money. Click here to see where we are in Lincoln

However, if you need us to come out in the van, then there’s a charge for that part of the service. Obviously the van has fuel, tyres, insurance and servicing to be paid for. So when any Auto Locksmith drives to you, then expect to pay a callout charge depending on how far they need to travel. This is the last piece of the puzzle when calculating ‘how much do car keys cost?’ 

So as a general rule, if you needed a spare basic key, at our workshop in Lincoln, expect to pay between £50 -£80. Whereas, if you are stuck forty miles from us, expect a different price. For a remote key, when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, will cost between £200 and £500, according to the car. 

How much do car keys cost - A few examples

We wanted to share a few examples of common keys we sell at our shop in Lincoln. Hopefully this will help you when researching how much do car keys cost.

Remember, these prices are for spare keys at our shop in Lincoln. Please allow additional callout charges if you have lost all of you car keys. 

Ford Fiesta 2008 - 2016 Remote Flip Key

Keyless Ford Fiesta

These cars come with either a traditional car key that you put into the lock, or have push-button start. This article looks at the traditional flip key version, and shows both genuine and budget options. Prices range from £110 – £190

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Ford Fiesta 2008 - 2016 Smart Key

These cars come with either a traditional car key that you put into the lock, orhave push-button start. This article looks at the smart key version, and shows both genuine and budget options. Prices range from £110 – £190

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Mercedes Logo

Mercedes Sprinter 2006 - 2018 Spare Key

It’s taken us a while to start selling these keys, but with good reason. We’ve waited until the equipment is reliable and trustworthy. 

We now sell these keys for £160 at our workshop in Lincoln.

click here to find out more about Mercedes Sprinter keys

Peugeot 207 Spare Key

Spare Peugeot 207 key

Prices of Peugeot 207 keys vary according to the model, however we have based this article on a standard Peuget 207. Some of the cc models have different three button keys but we don’t cover this.

Prices range from £70 up to £280 

Please click here to read more about Peugeot 207 keys

VW Polo Spare Key 2013 - 2017

spare VW Polo key

In 2013 VW changed the style of key and the new VW Polo came with this new MQB key. These keys are not straight forward and many still need to come direct from the dealer. We’re pleased that we now cover these keys,saving you  a lot of money on the dealer prices. 

The current price for a remote key is £160, at our shop in Lincoln

Click here to find our more about VW Polo keys

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