Spare Peugeot 207 Key – Price and Choices

spare Peugeoy 207 key

If you’re looking to buy a spare Peugeot 207 key, you have several choices. When we’re asked how much a key is, I explain it depends. When choosing a new TV, the price will depend on the size, the features and most of all the brand, Sony vs Hi-sense are no comparison. 

There are several questions to ask before you get to a price, but we’ll try to outline the different choices you have and the prices. When you finish, you’ll also know what we recommend for a spare Peugeot 207 key. 

Spare Peugeot 207 key

Spare Peugeot 207 key options.

The first thing to decide is what type of key you want. From new, two keys are supplied. One has a blade that folds away and has buttons to lock and unlock the car. We call this a remote key. 

The other key has a blade that stays out at all times and does not have buttons on the key. We call this a non remote key. We’ll look at this option first. 

spare Peugeoy 207 key

Spare non remote key Price

Although it does not have buttons on the key, there are still electronics involved. Inside the key is a transponder chip, sealed inside. When you turn on the ignition, this chip acts like a fingerprint, and is checked by the car. If it’s recognised the car will start, if not, the car will not fire up. due to the immobiliser. 

This is a good thing and it stops your car being hotwired. However it does mean that even a basic spare Peugeot 207 key needs to be coded to start the car. You cannot just get a key cut to start the car, it needs programming. 

Cloning or programming?

When buying a non remote spare Peugeot 207 key, you have the choice of having the key coded into you car, or having the key cloned. 

What is key cloning?

Just like Dolly the sheep, an exact copy of the key is made, so that it has the same electronic fingerprint. As far as the car knows, it’s just the original key. It doesn’t matter which method is used, either cloning or programming, both keys work the same.

Read our article about key cloning allows cars to be stolen.

At the time of writing this, April 2023, the price of this type of key at our shop is £70, which includes the cutting, coding and VAT. Please allow thirty minutes and also book in by calling 01522 514141.

Remote spare Peugeot 207 key

The non remote key was simple, however, you now have a few more choices with a remote key. 

To start with, the price range is from £100 – £280! How can there be such a difference? 

How much is a Spare Peugeot 207 remote key?

Cheap Car Keys

With car keys, although most Auto Locksmiths won’t tell you this, the dealer keys are better quality. There is something about how they are made that makes them a better quality key. 

However, the price range showed that these are expensive. To get a spare Peugeot 207 key from the dealer, you’ll need to pay around £280. 

In fact, Peugeot have changed the supplier of this key and made it so only they can code in a genuine, dealer key. This is why it’s so expensive. So they have the best quality key, but charge the top price.

However, if you want a good quality remote key for half this money, we have the answer. 

Aftermarket Remote keys

Like all things, companies have seen an opportunity to offer a cheaper solution to this expensive Peugeot key problem

Over the last few years, many companies have started to make their version of a spare Peugeot 207 key. Some of the look similar, others different. Its the same as buying a Halfords oil filter or a Peugeot one. They do the same job, and you’ll save a packet. 

Lets look at the options you have. 

Lookalike spare Peugeot 207 Key

The most common type of remote key is one that has been made to look the same. However although they all look similar, they come from many companies and range in price. Visit eBay or Amazon and you’ll find very cheap lookalike keys from as little as £10. Some of these are very good, others, not so.

Over the last five years we’ve tested many different types and have settled on a few different versions that we sell with confidence. We’ve had very few problems and they work exactly the same as the dealer version, but do not have a Peugeot badge.

What about the price?

We charge £120, to supply, cut and code a lookalike spare Peugeot 207 key at our workshop in Lincoln. It comes with a years warranty and this is the option we recommend. However, so you have all the information,  we’ll also show you another type of key that is available.

Spare Peugeot 207 key

Multi purpose Peugeot 207 key

There are also several companies that make a multi purpose key that can be made to work most cars. We call these KeyDiy keys and they can be very useful when the genuine version is no longer available from the dealer. 

We see these used on Peugeot 207 cars, and have tried them ourselves. They are cheaper, at only £90, however, we do not recommend them on this car. 

Of all the problems we see with keys, this version of the key we find unreliable. Therefore, we don’t recommend them, but will supply and code it if you wish to save money. 

To that end, we do not give a warranty on this type of key. 

What if I buy my own spare Peugeot 207 key?

Yes this is a way to save money. As we’ve previously said, you can buy very cheap keys on both eBay and Amazon. We are happy to cut and code your own key and this will cost you £50. 

The chance you take is that the key you buy is either not correct for the car, or poor quality. So if you choose this route, make sure you check out the reviews before you buy. We will need to charge you once we have cut and coded, whatever the outcome. 

It must be Brand New

If you decide to buy your own key for us to programme, it must be brand new, not one off another car. 

Once a spare Peugeot 207 key is programmed to a car, it is then linked and cannot be used on another car. So watch out that you don’t waste your money.

Spare Peugeot 207 key summary

We really hope this information helps you. You can spend a lot of money, or a little, but with car keys you do get what you pay for.

Although these keys range from £90 up to £280, we recommend the lookalike spare Peugeot 207 key version for £120. For this money you get a good quality key, with a warranty. We sell lots of these with confidence. 

If you have any questions please call us on 01522 514141, or just drop in to see us. We’ll show you what we can offer so you can try before yiou buy. Thanks for reading, we hope it helped. 

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