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Ford Fiesta smart key

Are you looking for a Ford Fiesta smart key? The ford Fiesta comes with two different types of key. The older version has a blade that you put into the lock and turn. Today we are looking at the push button start version. 

This article will help you if you keep you car key in your pocket, and just push a button on the dashboard to start.

Ford push button start

These keys range from £110 up to £190. Remember that these prices are for spare keys, based on you driving to our shop in Lincoln. If you’ve lost your only car key and need a call out, please call us on 01522 514141 to discuss the extra costs involved. 

How old is your Ford Fiesta?

Today we’re looking at the Ford Fiesta built between 2008 and 2016. This is a great car and  one of our most popular car keys. 

Keyless Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Spare key - Genuine or budget?

Over the last two years there has been some relief for car owners like yourself, trying to save money. Several companies have introduced a range of copy car keys that work the same as the Ford version, but cost a lot less. But firstly, let’s look at the genuine key and prices involved. 

Ford Fiesta smart key

Over the last few months, the price of these genuine Ford keys has increased markedly. We’re writing this in May 2023 and a genuine Ford key, from Ford Parts Plus is £95 plus vat.

Also, did you know that inside your key is a small emergency blade is used to open your car when the car battery is flat? 

Ford Fiesta emergency key

This blade inside the key needs cutting to the lock, so you need to add £30 for this. We supply and cut these keys. Then of course it needs to be coded to to the car, which we charge £50 for, at our shop in Lincoln. 

So for a genuine Ford Fiesta key, with a logo and all cut and coded, the cost is £190 including Vat. 

Here are some cheaper versions of this key, to save you money. 

Ford Fiesta smart key - Cheaper without a logo

To save £40, there’s a simple way to get a genuine Ford Fiesta smart key for less. We sell these, without the Ford logo on the key. 

The keys are genuine, but they come to us without Ford packaging and with a logo badge. They also come with a warranty, the same as the full priced version. 

Ford Fiesta smart key no logo

If we supply one of these for you, you’ll still get the emergency blade, and it will be cut the same. The programming is identical and it will work the same as the full priced version. 

This is a popular choice if you want a Ford key for less. We charge £150 including Vat for this service. The good news is we also do two cheaper versons, so let’s look at these options. 

Copy Ford Fiesta smart key - Cheaper still

The good news is that for the last few years, companies have developed different types of keys that work with your car. 

These keys come in two different types. ‘Lookalike’ copy keys have been made to resemble the original. They are made in a different factory to the original, but work the same. 

We sell a lookalike Ford Fiesta smart key for £130 which includes cutting and programming. 

But there is a way to get a Ford Fiesta smart key cheaper still, and this is another type of copy key. 

Ford Fiesta smart key - Budget version

If you’re looking to save even more money, we can help. Lately we’ve found a range of copy keys that can be coded to your car. They look different, but work the same. We hope you agree they look very smart and we’ve had great feedback. 

Ford Fiesta Smart key budget option

These also have the lifetime key battery warranty that all our keys have, and they are a good answer if you’re on a budget. We normally have these keys in stock, so either call to book in, or just drop by and have a look before you buy. 

These keys cost £110 in total, which includes the key, the cutting of the blade and coding to your car. We think this is a great budget key and hope you consider it when choosing a Ford Fiesta smart key. 

Where are you?

We’d love to show you all the examples we’ve discussed in this article. We’re based on Chieftain Way, Tritton Rd in Lincoln and are very easy to find. If you are local,  just drop in.  However, if you’re travelling a distance, please call us first to check we are open. Click here to find us on Google Maps 

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