Fix Your Broken Car Key in Lincoln

If you’re reading this, you most likely have a problem. Are you looking for someone to fix your broken car key in Lincoln?

Car Keys are getting worse. When we started up in business fifteen years ago, we hardly saw keys that had fallen apart. Sometimes the blade would break from wear and tear. However, in 2020 things have changed.

It’s normal now for us to fix car keys, especially where the blade has broken away from the rest of the key.

When keys break in this way, there’s an opportunity to save money. Instead of having to buy a complete new key, there are a good range of replacement cases that allow us to fix your broken car key in Lincoln, at our workshop. Click Here to Find us

What Broken Car Key in Lincoln do you Fix?

Here are the most common we see

Vauxhall Astra, Insignia and Corsa keys

Vauxhall keys are the most common key that we fix at our workshop in Lincoln. Unfortunately, the metal that holds the blade in place just doesn’t seem to be up to the job. The hole that allows the pin to come out fractures, and then it breaks off altogether.

broken car key in lincoln

To fix these we replace the complete case, cut the key blade to match your car and even fit a new car key battery.

At one third of the price of brand new key it’s a great fix and we do many every week. Read more about it by clicking here

Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda Flip Keys

In the olden days, German vehicles came with high quality engineering. When we started cutting keys back in 2005, we very rarely saw problems with VW, Seat or Skoda keys.

Things have changed.

broken car key in Lincoln

Again, the metal that holds the blade in place breaks and one day the blade gets lost.

A new VW, Seat or Skoda keys can cost over £200 from the dealer, so a repair will save a you lots. If you have broken VW flip key, Click Here to find out more.

Hyundai and Kia Flip Keys

The last of our three most common broken car key in Lincoln that we fix. These are a bit tricky. The chip that lets the car start is held in the key with super glue.

If the chip gets broken, it won’t start the car, so we take our time with these. However we normally fix them the same day.

Kia and Hyundai keys are now silly prices, with some of them over £300 per key from new. This makes a repair an excellent way to save money. Read more about how we fix them by clicking here

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