Vauxhall Key Repair Service in Lincoln

Is your flip key starting to show its age? Or maybe the key blade has snapped away from the rest of the key? If so, don’t panic, we can help with your Vauxhall key repair.

Over the last fifteen years we’ve seen car keys get more complicated, with flip blades and extra buttons. The latest are proximity keys and the idea is great on paper. They work perfectly for the first owner, but then after a few years problems show up.

Today we’re going to show you a typical key repair we do for our local customers, with Vauxhall keys our most common.

Vauxhall Key Repair

The first problem we see is when the rubber cover breaks and leaves the inside of the key exposed. This key in the photo has been used for a long time and even the small switches have been broken. Normally our Vauxhall key repair service will fix this problem.

Vauxhall key repair

The second problem is when the key blade breaks away from the main key. Again, this is a simple problem to fix.

Vauxhall Key Repair in Lincoln

Here’s what we do

To get you up and running we take your broken key and carefully open it up. If it needs switches, we’ll replace them while it’s open. Then we’ll put the circuit board into a new key shell and cut the blade.

vauxhall key repair

It looks like a new key! Of course, the electronics inside are still as old as they were, so it’s not as good as a brand new key. However, we only charge £45 for this Vauxhall key repair. When you compare this to a brand new key, it works out over one third cheaper.

If your car key is showing it’s age and it needs some attention, drop in and show us how bad the key really is. Most of the keys we see we can do something with and we always have the Vauxhall parts in stock.

Where are You?

If your travelling any distance, please call us on 01522 514141 before you set off. Our workshop is easy to find and the address is 59 Chieftain Way, Tritton Rd, Lincoln. LN6 7RY

We hope to see you soon

Steve and Simon

Lincoln Car key Man

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