Broken VW Key Fixed in Lincoln

broken car key in Lincoln

Do you have a VW, Seat or Skoda car made after 2010? Have you heard about the problem with these keys snapping in the lock? Every week in our shop on Tritton road, we see customers that have a broken VW key that has just fallen apart! We wanted to tell you what we can do for you.

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The problem is two-fold.

Firstly, the blade is held in place inside the key key by a pin. Unfortunately, having a pin, means having a hole for a pin and for this broken VW key, the hole causes the problem. Once a crack appears, then the blade holder breaks and the blade is lost.

The second reason these keys break is that on some models the ignition feels very hard to turn to the ‘crank’ position. This is after the lights on the dashboard come on, and the last turn to get the engine to start.

We’ve found that on the Volkswagen Transporter and Volkswagen Caddy models, the ignition feels very heavy compared to other brands.

I Have a Broken VW Key

Here’s how we can help.

If this happens to you then make sure you take good care of the key blade. If you have both parts of the key then it’s simple.

A new key from the dealers will normally cost around £250 once it’s been programmed. However, the good news is that we can repair your old key for a fraction of the price!

The important thing is to take care of the key blade, if you lose it, then it gets a lot more expensive.

Next, bring both parts of the broken VW key down to our shop. You can find us at 59 Chieftain Way, Tritton Rd, Lincoln, LN6 7RY. If your coming from any distance please call us on 01522 514141 before you set off.

We’ll need the key for up to an hour, and if you can make it down in your car or van even better. This way we can test the key to make sure it works like new.

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Thanks for Reading and we hope to see you soon

Steve and Simon

Lincoln Car Key Men

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