Vauxhall Insignia Key in Lincoln – How to Save Money

This week we’re looking at how to save money when buying a spare Vauxhall Insignia key in Lincoln. 

This style of flip key was introduced with the Vauxhall Insignia but unfortunately they’ve been a problem. Of all the broken car keys we fix, these are the most common key we see. 

Insignia Key In Lincoln


The first question is do you need a spare, or is it just that your Vauxhall key has broken? If it’s a key repair you need the click here to find out how we can fix it. 

Spare Vauxhall Key in Lincoln – Three Options


Do you want a key with a Vauxhall badge? 

The most expensive, option one, is a genuine key from the Vauxhall dealer. If you book in with the main dealer then you will need to order the key using your Vauxhall Car Pass. Do you have one of these?

Insignia Key In Lincoln

If you don’t have one, then the first thing you’ll need to do is pay for this and it costs around £30. The you’ll need to order the key with the car pass and once it arrives book the car in  to get it coded. When we last checked, the total price for everything was around £190. including VAT

Option Two is for you to find a local Auto Locksmith who can supply a Vauxhall Insignia Key in Lincoln, but cheaper than the dealer.

Insignia Key in Lincoln - A Cheaper Option

Why is an independent  cheaper than the dealer?

For a start, we don’t have the massive overheads, such as a showroom and many staff. When you visit us at Lincoln Car Key Man, we have a small workshop with a warm reception, but no extra staff. We answer the phone, cut your key and do your paperwork. So we look after you from the start to the end of the job. This allows us to be cheaper than the main dealer and still give you great service. 

If you want a dealer key, but don’t want to pay the full price, then Option Two is for you. We can supply a genuine key, cut and coded to your car for £135 inc VAT. The reason it’s so much cheaper is that for a start, we don’t need the car pass. Our equipment gives us all the important information we need to do the job. More than that, if you need the Key number and Security code then we’ll supply them for free. 

Can I get a cheaper Insignia Key in Lincoln?

Yes you can. Every week we sell a cheaper version of the flip key which is Option Three. The key is an aftermarket version of the dealer key. It’s the same as going into Halfords to buy wiper blades, rather than visiting the dealer. 

Just like the wiper blades, the key looks exactly the same, except it doesn’t come with a Vauxhall badge. This is simply because it isn’t a genuine Vauxhall key.

Are they as good as the genuine key?

We’ve been selling these for over a year and not seen any problems with them. They feel the same as the dealer key and work in the same way. So if you are wanting a cheaper Vauxhall Insignia key in Lincoln, this will help you. 

The cost of the whole job is £100 including VAT and you get the same excellent service with this option. 

How Do I Book in?

It’s really simple. Just call us on 01522 514141 so we can check we have the correct keys in stock. Then, we’ll find a time that suits you. We’ll need your car for around an hour so bring a book or something to do and we’ll take care of everything else.

Thanks for reading our post, we look forward to hearing from you

Steve & Simon

Lincoln Car Key Men

01522 514141

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  1. Hi I’ve just bought a new key fob with the blade but needs cutting for my insignia I bought this second hand do don’t have the code could you give me a price please many thanks jason

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