Broken Peugeot key – Repair Prices

Do you have a broken Peugeot key? These keys are terrible, even from new they are not the best of design. Floppy key blades, dodgy buttons and unreliable starting, we look at all the faults and how we can help you. 

broken Peugeot key

The good news about Peugeot keys is that because they are so bad, the replacement key cases are reasonably priced and readily available. Let’s take a look at the problems in turn and what we can do about it for you. 

Broken Peugeot key - Wobbly Blades

Broken Peuget key

For a start, the flip button arrangement is poorly designed. Once the keys get old, the silver button that you press stops working, sometimes the button pops out all together! It’s very normal for the spring to fail, so that when you press the silver button, the blade doesn’t flip out, or fold back down.

This is our first reason to have your broken Peugeot key fixed. It’s annoying and very simple to fix with a new case. 

Car Key Repair Service

Worn through rubber buttons

The buttons are fairly soft in these keys, which is good when they are brand new, but not so good later in life. Underneath the rubber button is an electronic switch. The rubber protects the switch from becoming damaged.

It’s common to see the rubber split and the electronic switch to poke through

Broken Peuget key

We recommend that you get the rubbers fixed as soon as you see this, to prevent water or dust getting into the expensive electronics. Again this is a simple fix we can do. 

Peugeot car key - buttons stop working

Again, a common fault. The first thing to check is the car key battery. We’ve written at length about this, click here to read more

Next, if some of the buttons work, but one of them is playing up, then maybe a switch is faulty or missing. The switches on these keys are very small and fiddly and easily fall off when the keys get old. The repair is not always successful, but we’re happy to try and fix this for you. This will save the price of a new key. 

However, the most common fault is that the key simply fails. Something in the electronics stops doing its job and the key no longer sends the correct signal. Unfortunately there’s not a lot we can do about this. All good things come to an end and you will need a brand new key. 

Car won't start - Immobiliser active

The circuit board inside the key is a bit too delicate for the key in our opinion. It has a built in chip, which means that a series of electronic components have to work together to generate a ‘virtual chip’. 

When these delicate components stop working, your broken Peugeot key won’t start the car anymore. You’ll also normally get a message saying ‘info Anti-theft faulty’. When this happens, you normally need a whole new key. If you dig deep enough into the internet, you’ll probably find someone who can fix it, but we don’t. The simple reason is that the repair is unreliable so we no longer offer this service, sorry. We don’t recommend it, you’ll break down somewhere inconvenient for sure. 

How much does it cost for a Peugeot key repair?

We charge £45 to supply the case, cut it, transfer the parts over and supply a new key battery. You can buy very cheap cases off eBay or Amazon and do the job yourself. If you get a good case, you’ll be able to do a cheaper job than we offer. Just make sute you get the correct key case and blade as there are twelve possible ones to choose from!

Or, to save the stress, we know the cases we supply are good quality and we’ll be available at our shop once we’ve fixed your broken Peugeot key, should you have any problems.

We always support any repair we have done, and we are proud to help so many Lincolnshire customers. 

Where do I come to get my key fixed?

It’s very easy to find us in Lincoln. We’re on Chieftain Way, just off Tritton Rd. Our postcode is LN6 7RY, or click here to find us on Google maps

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