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Welcome to our local Lincoln site. Over the last three years we’ve completed nearly one thousand Nissan Lock Repair jobs. However if you’re nowhere near us in Lincoln don’t worry. From our workshop we post out expertly repaired Nissan ignitions all over the UK and even Europe.

Nissan Lock Repair

So now that you’ve found our website we’d like to answer a few questions that we’re asked regularly, and we hope these will help you.

I had the classic Nissan ignition barrel problem, drove all the way from Swindon to get the problem fixed.
Apart from the fact it was a 3hr drive it was cheaper than getting a local garage to fix it and to be honest, this was the only company I found that was actually interested in helping which is why I would recommend them to anyone who needs help
‘….Mike salmon

Frequently Asked Nissan Lock Repair Questions

All the best bits of info

How do you fix the lock?

It’s old fashioned but instead of just throwing away the complete lock and starting again, we re-use the bulk of your lock. To be honest, most of the lock is ok, and good enough to be re-used for the Nissan Lock repair. So we replace all the parts that are showing wear.

Nissan Lock Repair

Do I get new keys?

No. If we did you new keys, then you’d need to get them programmed. However, we do new key blades. The blades are held in place with a small screw. The blades can be easily changed, and this means that you won’t need to pay for any expensive key programming.

How much does the Nissan Lock Repair cost?

Three options here, starting with the cheapest.

Option One. You drive to us, we put your car into our workshop for about an hour, and do everything for you. This includes removing the lock, cutting the new blades, replacing the worn parts and re-fitting. We’re ten minutes away from the main shops with several cafes nearby. This service costs £170 inc VAT

Absolutely great service from the first communication to driving the car away with a refurbished ignition barrel and new keys. A very professional and quick service.
Thank you
“..H Churman

I’m not anywhere near Lincoln

Don’t worry, we can still help

Option Two. If you live too far away, we can still help you. If you take off the lock ( or ask a garage to do this for you ), then send it to us, we’ll do the rest. We’ll send it back all ready to be refitted, plus we send you two special shear-head bolts and two new key blades. This service costs just £180 inc Vat, which is the same as option one, plus special delivery postage back.

The downside of this option is that your car will be parked up and unusable while we work on your lock. If you can’t spare the car, then you need option three.

Option Three. If you live too far away and can’t be without your car for long, we can still help. We can send you a refurbished lock, especially built to match the car key you already have. You can then fit the lock, or book it it into a garage, and be up and running the same day.

This option costs £280 initially, but you get £100 returned to you later. All we ask is that you to send us your old faulty lock. Once we have it, we’ll call you and refund £100. So this option costs the same as option Two.

A Few More Questions

All the ones that make it easy

How soon can I get a lock sent to me?

If we take your order before 1000, we can normally post out your order on the same day. This doesn’t always happen, but we try our best.

I have a few more questions, can I call you?

Please do. Our number in 01522 514141. We’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Where do I send my old lock to so you can fix it?

The address is as follows

The Car Key Man, 59 Chieftain Way, Tritton Rd, Lincoln. LN6 7RY

How should I send the lock?

We always send ours our Royal Mail Special Delivery. It costs about £10. Other people swear by Hermes and we’ve never had any issues with locks going missing, using either carriers.

How do I need to pack it?

Either in a box, or a Jiffy bag. Remember that it will be thrown about during delivery so the more securely it’s packed, the better for all of us. Bubble wrap and tape are the main thing!

Do I get a Guarantee?

Yes. Every lock we repair comes with a years warranty. However, in the three years we’ve been fixing these we’ve been really pleased with the quality of the repair. If there had been problems, we’d have heard about it, let’s face it, this is the internet!

Do I need to book in?

Yes please, Call us on 01522 514141 and we’ll do our best to help you.

We hope that answers any questions you have.We hope to hear from you soon

Steve & Simon

Lincoln Car Key Men.

01522 514141

Lincoln Car Key Man

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  1. Hi Team Nissan,

    I have been stucked here also, my car key is locked in the ignition. Please help me get my car key out as my car had been like this for four days now.

    My Car is – Nissan Note.

    Waiting for your professional advise & guide assistance.

    Thank you.

    Albert Symonds

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