Ford Keyless Fob in Lincoln – Prices and Problems

Ford Fiesta smart key

This week we’re looking at everything you need to know so you can buy a Ford Keyless Fob in Lincoln. In 2008, we started to see the first cars with a push-button start instead of an old-fashioned ignition lock. The Ford Focus and Mondeo were the first models to try the idea out and its now available in most models. 

Unfortunately, this type of keyless fob brings it’s own problems and challenges and we wanted to give you our best advice on how to get a spare key at a sensible price.

Ford keyless fob in Lincoln

Ford Keyless Fob in Lincoln - Options

Good News! You don’t have to visit the Ford dealer to get a Ford Keyless Fob in Lincoln. We get on very well with Lincoln Ford, however the prices tend to reflect their new showroom, ‘free’ coffee and Wifi. Using the latest programming equipment, we’re able to supply and code you a Ford proximity key at our workshop in Lincoln while you wait. 

You have three options on what you want to pay and we’ll start with the most expensive. 

Option One - Keyless Fob with Ford Badge

If you want a Keyless remote with a Ford badge, there’s only one way to get it. Ford have changed the rules so we can only sell you a key with a Ford badge if it comes in the Ford packaging, sealed and untouched.

Ford Keyless Fob in Lincoln

The idea is that you know for sure it’s genuine and we understand that. However, that means you pay a lot more money for you key. 

If we look at a 2016 Ford Fiesta, or Focus, the key will look like this.

Ford Keyless Fob in Lincoln

For us to buy the remote from Lincoln Ford, along with the emergency key blade, and programme it to your car, you will be looking at around £200. This is around £50 cheaper than the dealer simply because we don’t have the overheads that the dealer have and so we pass the savings on to you.

We understand that some people like the Ford badge and this is why we wanted to give you this option. However, we can save you a further £50 with option Two below. 

Option Two - Keyless Ford Without Ford Badge

The good news is that we’re able to get genuine Ford keys that come with the same warranty that the dealer give you. However, with this style of key it doesn’t come with a Ford badge so it looks like the key below. 

The key above is the same as the genuine Ford key. We can supply, cut and code this type of fob for around £150. This price includes the emergency key blade inside the key.

This is a further saving of £50 and may fit in better with your budget. 

There’s an added bonus. Did you know that when we sell you a key, we’ll swap the key battery for free all the time you own the car. We call this you ‘Battery for Life’.

Option Three - Buy Your Own Key

We know that there are a whole range of keys available on ebay and Amazon that are very cheap.

For most cars, we’re extremely cautions when suggesting you buy your own car key. This is because incorrect keys cause lots of different problems when they are programmed to your car. 

The problems include

  • The car will not accept the key because it’s the incorrect part
  • The car will not accept the key because it’s already been programmed to another car. 
  • You buy a faulty key that no-one could ever programme it!
  • The car gets confused because the new key is incorrect and then won’t start again without having expensive computer parts replaced.
  • The key is a cheap and nasty copy and although it programs, it doesn’t work for very long. 

The good news is that with Ford keys, you only have one real problem to worry about. Keys can be taken from one car and then re-coded to another. However, the key fob for a later Ford Focus, say from 2016 onwards, looks identical to a 2014 Ford Focus key. However, the electronics inside are different. This means that they look the same but will not code up to your car. 

If you choose to buy your own key please check with the eBay or Amazon seller that it’s compatible with your car otherwise you will waste your money. 

When you come to us in Lincoln, we charge £50 to supply the emergency key blade and then programme the fob to your car. This can save you money, however you won’t get any warranty, so consider this when you buy your own key. 

What we recommend

In our experience, option Two, at £150 is a good way to get a high quality key, with a warranty, that won’t break the bank. We sell hundreds every year and very rarely have any problems. We normally have these keys in stock but please call us on 01522 514141 before you travel if you are coming from a distance. 

Taking Care of your Keyless Fob

Unfortunately, these keys are not as rugged as the old fashioned keys that have a key blade. In our experience,after 3-4 years it’s common for the range on the key to reduce. This can mean you needing to change the key battery more frequently. Also, because the keys are packed with electronics, they don’t like being dropped. We are starting to see keys that are no longer detected by the car.

This is a problem in all keyless cars whatever the make or model. Keyless fobs are nice to use, but we don’t believe they last as long as old fashioned keys. So take care of you keyless remote keys. 

How Do I Get Myself a Keyless Fob?

It’s really easy. Simply call us with the following information.

  • The car registration number
  • Your phone number so we can call you back if need to
  • A time that you are free so we can cut and code your new key
  • Call us on 01522 514141

We hope this information helps and that we’ll see you soon. 

Steve & Simon

Lincoln Car Key Men

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