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This week we’re looking at how to get a spare Ford Custom key in Lincoln. We see lots of these keys that are faulty and we’ll cover the main problems later in the article. Getting a spare should be easy because a good Auto Locksmith will be able to supply one for you. 

How much does a spare Ford Custom key in Lincoln cost?

With all Ford keys now, the price you pay depends on several things. For a start, do you want to get your key from the local dealer? We get on very well with Lincoln Ford and they have some really knowledgeable staff. However when you use the dealership, you pay towards the showroom, the free coffee and wifi and everything else. So to help you, here are three options to suit your budget. 

Ford Custom key in Lincoln - Option 1

We’ll start with the most expensive option first. With all Ford keys, if you want one with a Ford Logo, then it costs more. For some reason the supply of Ford keys have been restricted to all independents. This means the key itself must come from the Ford dealer.

To have a remote key cut and coded at the Ford dealer will cost around £250, which includes VAT. 

The good news is that we can still programme the key. So you can save money if we order the key from the Ford dealer on your behalf, then cut and code it at our workshop. All good independent Auto-Locksmiths will be able to do the same. Here in Lincoln we charge around £200, a saving of £50 for exactly the same result. This is simply because we don’t have the overheads and extra staff that the main dealer has and we pass the saving on to you.  

Think that is still too expensive? So do we. So Here’s out advice on saving even more money. 

Option Two - Ford Custom Key without a logo

Did you know that the Ford Custom key is different to every other Ford key? Inside all keys is a battery that make the buttons work. 

In most keys this key battery can be changed easily, however, with the Ford Custom key it’s different. The designers at Ford wanted to make a durable key could get wet, so they sealed the key completely and fitted a rechargeable battery. In theory a great idea. 

Unfortunately, we’ve seen these batteries die after just a few years which means instead of a needing a new key battery, you need a whole new key! 

Why Do I tell you all about the key batteries?

You don’t have to have a fancy rechargeable key. The really good news is that the key used for the Ford Mondeo and Focus key is compatible with your Ford Custom! This means you don’t have to have the more expensive rechargeable key, but one where you can change your own key battery. 

Unfortunately these don’t come with Ford badges. This is because at the moment, we can only sell you a key with a badge if we buy it from the Ford dealer. However, we can get exactly the same key, minus the badge. 

Ford Custom key in Lincoln

A new genuine Ford flip key, without a badge will cost you £135. We think this is a much better option when trying to get a Ford Custom key in Lincoln. Not only do you save money, you can also have the battery replaced easily! 

How do I order a new key?

Before you come down, call us on 01522 514141 to make sure we have the keys in stock. Or, if you pass by on Tritton road anyway, just pop in. 

Option Three - Buy your own key

We want to give you as many chances as possible to save money. If you look on eBay or Amazon, you’ll see another range of aftermarket keys. These are made by companies that have copied the Ford design and made them cheaper. 

We don’t sell these keys. This is because we’ve tried them and some of them are just a bit too cheap for our liking. The last thing we want is to sell you a key and you come back with a problem, so with the Ford Custom, we stick to genuine keys. 

However, if you want to take a chance and buy your own key, we’ll happily cut and code it for £50. 

Just so you know, here are the problems we see with the aftermarket Ford Custom keys. This way you can make an informed choice.

  • The battery inside is rechargeable but even worse than the Ford version and fails very quickly
  • The flip arrangement soon becomes floppy, or the blade won’t flip out anymore.
  • With some keys, the blades are very hard. When used in the lock, it wears down the insides of the lock and causes it to jam and stop turning.

Just check out the feedback and then decide. When you buy it from us, you’ll have a warranty but it will cost more. 

That’s it!

We hope you have a few options now for choosing your new Ford Custom key in Lincoln. It just depends on what you want to spend and we can help with any of these options. Just call us on 01522 514141 if you have anymore questions and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Thanks for reading our article

Steve and Simon

Lincoln Car Key Men

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