Freelander Windows open overnight

Freelander spare key

When we heard about this, we weren’t sure what was happening. All four freelander windows open overnight, down all the way.  Sometimes it had rained and the inside of the car was wet through! Then we found saw the Ford global window opening in practice and it made sense. 

Freelander windows open

Global window opening.

If you have a Freelander, you have a car key function you may not know about. On a really hot day, and you’re about to go out in the car, there’s a trick. If you hold the unlock button down on the key and wait, then all the windows will open. 

Likewise, if you want to close them all in one go, you can press the lock button, wait and they will all close. Take a look at this short video that quickly explains the feature. 

Freelander windows open overnight - cause

This handy feature is also the cause of the windows opening by themselves. We believe that the cause is simply a dodgy button on the key. 

Freelander Windows open

In normal use, when you press the button on the black case, this in turn presses down on the electronics inside. The photo shows there are five switches, and we’ve labeled the unlock button. 

When customers have the problem of windows opening, we look at their key. Often we’ll find this button sticks down and continues to transmit after we release the pressure. This causes the car to receive the signal to open all the windows. 

Now we can’t prove this, but in most cases, once we repair or replace the key, the problem stops. 

Freelander windows open - Our Fix

It’s a simple fix, but requires some special equipment and a steady hand. We’ve already written about keys ruined by dodgy soldering, so careful if you try and fix this yourselves. 

Our fix is to remove the faulty switch and solder a new one in place. While we are doing this, we usually fit a new rechargeable battery. To read more about Freelander key problems, click here

Freelander spare key

When we fix the fault with the switch, we replace the key battery, the case and any switches needed. The charge to do the whole repair is £50 and we usually keep all the parts in stock. 

Call us on 01522 514141 to book in, or if you’re local feel free to pop in and show us your vehicle. 

Where are you?

We’re very easy to find in Lincoln. Located just off Tritton rd, our address is 59 Chieftain Way, LN6 8JL. Click here if you want to find us on Google Maps

We hope this has helped, and that we’ll see you soon. 

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