Broken VW Crafter Key – Problems and Prices

Spare VW Polo key

This is a heads up for you about broken VW Crafter Key problems. Here at Lincoln Car key Man we look after several fleets of DPD vans. As you can imagine these vans are worked hard every day of the week. 

We call DPD vans ‘multi-drop vans’ as they are constantly stopping and starting to drop off parcels. On an average day the driver can turn the key in the ignition up to one hundred and fifty times! This high amount of wear causes general key problems to show up really early, and the broken VW Crafter key is todays focus. 

Spare VW Polo key

Broken VW Crafter Key - Loose Blades

The pictures in this article are from a 2020 VW Crafter van, just eighteen months old! As you can see from the photo above, the constant stopping and starting causes stress on the part of the key that holds in the blade. When this partcracks and opens up, the blade becomes loose, eventually to the point it falls out. Imagine your van being stranded because of a lost key blade!

Volkswagen Crafter Key

The good news is that we can help you with broken VW Crafter key blades. Sometimes it’s just the blade that needs replacing, other times the key needs a new case, and the blades cut. This is a very specialised job and fortunately we’ve invested tens of thousands of pounds on new equipment to cut the latest car and van keys. 

If you think you have a problem with your VW key, then give us a ring. We normally have the parts in stock and just need a phone call on 01522 514141 that you’re on your way. 

We’re hearing from TPS (the company that supply all of the parts to Volkswagen)  that there are problems with key supplys. We all know that chips are in short supply, and this has stalled new car production. 

The problem also affects the time it can take to get a replacement key from the dealer. Recently we waited 7 weeks for the delivery of a Seat key! 

So if you need an extra key, make sure you get your order in nice and early, so you’re not caught out. We hope this has helped. 

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