Spare BMW Key – Problems and Pricing

Looking to get a spare BMW key? We’re pleased you’ve found us because there’s important information here to help you. This article with look at the type of spare BMW key that slots into the dashboard.

Spare BMW key

Over the last ten years we’ve been very cautious when asked to supply these keys for good reason. As we’d all expect, unlike Ford or Vauxhall, BMW do things very differently. We’ll explain the problems and how to avoid them. 

The method they use to supply car keys is designed to prevent car theft, and is tightly controlled. This is a good thing when the cars are new and have a high value. The problem comes when you need a spare BMW key for your ten year old car., Unfortunately they still make things difficult and expensive. 

This is why independant companies have been developing software to programme these keys, without the need to visit the dealer. 

Spare BMW key problems

Unfortunately, the quality of software developed by these companies varies greatly. Five years ago, trying to supply and code a spare BMW key was a rollercoaster. Time and time again, new equipment became available to huge fanfare. Unfortunately the excitement was soon over when cars would die during the programming. 

The issue was security. As we understand it, each module of the car is protected with a security number, so that they cannot be switched about and cars stolen. When trying to programme a new key, this security issue would glitch and the programming equipment was left unable to enter the correct security number. This caused the car software to stop and the car not start! It was simply following orders from the BMW software, to only start when all the numbers matched up, or shut down into theft mode.

One way trip to the BMW dealer!

The only cure was to load the car onto the back of a breakdown truck and take it to the BMW dealer. 

Expensive and embarrasing, we avoided this problem as we felt it unfair on us and you. We’d get calls from customers in Lincolnshire that had a dead BMW on the drive. Auto Locksmiths came and had a go, but left the car immobilised! We didn’t want this and we know you didn’t, so we’ve waited until the right equipment is available. 

Spare BMW key safely programmed

We have great news to share, which makes life better for all of us. Getting a spare BMW key no longer requires an expensive key from the dealer. It also avoids an even more stressful trip to get the car fixed. Our equipment is safe and reliable and we’re very pleased to offer this service. 

Before offering it out as a service to customers, we tested it on cars within the motor trade. We’re really pleased that we’ve not experienced any problems. Furthermore, our friends around the country that are also Auto Locksmiths, have had great results. We know now that we can offer this out safely at a fair cost. 

Spare BMW key

Dealer costs vs Ourselves

We know that you want all the facts when choosing whether to go to the dealer for a key, or choosing another comapny. For a genuine BMW key, you must purchase this from BMW. If you find a company offering these out, they are not genuine so steer well clear. 

However, we do sell a good quality copy key that looks very similar, does not pretend to be a genuine BMW key.  At present, a key from the dealer will cost around £350 whereas we can offer a spare BMW key at a cost of £170, less that half. For this we sell a key from a company that are the market leaders in aftermarket keys. It comes with a guarantee and this cost also includes cutting the emergency key blade and all VAT costs. 

We believe this offers a reasonable answer to an expensive problem. 

I had a cheaper quote, will you match it?

The problem we have is comparing quotes like for like. Ebay and Amazon are awash with very cheap keys, costing less that £10. Unfortunately, every month we get calls from customers that went with the cheapest option. We have to attend a callout because they are stranded when the key stops working! 

On top of this, we’ve invested in the best equipment we can find, to ensure you avoid all the problems we’ve discussed. For this reason, we believe that our price is fair on both yourselves and us.

The only way to offer a cheaper quote is to sell a poorer quality key or not invest in the best software. You’ll always find a cheaper quote if you look hard enough, but we won’t compromise on the quality of key we offer. 

How do I book to get a spare BMW key?

You’ll need to leave your car with us at the workshop as we don’t offer a mobile service for this type of key.  A  reliable internet service, along with a reliable power source is essential. 

Our workshop is equipped with everything we need, and normally 2-3 hours will ensure that we can complete the programming safely. 

Call us on 01522 514141 to book in, or drop by  to see the keys we are offering. Remember, with BMW keys, you really do get what you pay for, we hope to see you soon. 

Help I've lost my BMW keys!

Unfortunately, at present, we don’t offer this service, but we will be in the near future. Keep an eye out for our latest blog post that will announce this service. 

I have a later keyless BMW, can you help?

Again, we’re sorry but at present we don’t offer this service, but keep your eyes on our blog. These keys are even more troublesome, and we’re sourcing safe, reliable equipment to provide this service. 

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