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I liken this to seeing the dentist. When you get toothache, you want an expert to examine your teeth and recommend the best course of action.

If you go to the dealer, the same person that looks at the key also looks at the engine, gearbox and tyres, how can he possibly expect to know everything about keys?

The reason you want a qualified dentist to look at your tooth is that they have trained hard and have experience and more importantly, unlike a doctor, they only look at teeth! We are the dentists of the key world.

We know the common problems, we recognise when a fault is developing and is going to cause you problems and lastly we can treat in before it becomes a stressful situation.

Fantastic Warranty

Next, our warranty is fantastic. If we supply and code a key and it goes faulty, we’ll look at the problem as soon as possible at no charge.

For example, if the customer lives in Horncastle, and we supply a key and then eight months later the key won’t work, if necessary, we’ll drive to Horncastle and take a look.

If however,  they had purchased the key from the dealer in Lincoln, then the following would happen.

They would contact the dealer, who would book it in to be looked at – the average wait time is a week.

Then, somehow, they would need to pay a recovery firm to transport the car to Lincoln, costing up to £100. The dealer would insist on a diagnostics session to diagnose the problem, costing another £50.

Then, after all that, if the key is at fault, they would need to order another key, (around another weeks wait) and then when it arrived, code it up.

The dealer may still insist that the diagnostic session is not covered under warranty although the replacement key may be. They would not get the recovery money back.

So with us, popping out within 24 hours is a really great service. Plus, if the key has died, we would replace it as long as it is within the manufacturers warranty period.

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