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This week we’re looking at what to do if you need a spare Ford key in Lincoln.

Ford keys are fairly straight forward and a reasonable price compared to other brands. However, before we can help you with a price, there are several things we need to know. The first is really simple.

The first question is do you put your key in the ignition lock, OR, do you start the car by pressing a button on the dashboard? If you have the latter, you have a keyless fob and we’ve written a different article on this type of key. Click Here to read all about Ford Smart proximity Keyless Remote keys. 

Spare Ford Key In Lincoln - With a Key Blade

For the rest of this article we’re going to talk about Ford keys that have a real lock that you put you key into, like in the olden days. There are four different types of key, lets look at the most common key first. 

Spare Ford key in Lincoln

This type of key was introduced in 2011 and is used on the following models

  • Mondeo 2010 – 2014
  • Focus 2010 – 2018
  • S-Max 2011 – 2015
  • Galaxy 2010 – 2015
  • C-Max 2010 – 2015
  • Transit Connect 2013 – 2015

A similar key is also used on the Ford Transit and Ford Custom. We talk about the prices and problems with this key in a different article. Please Click Here to read this. 

So for this type of key you have several options. Let’s start with the most expensive first. 

Option One - Genuine Flip Key with Ford Badge

In the last few months genuine flip keys with a Ford badge have been in short supply. This means that the price has increased. As I type, they are only available from the Ford dealer in Lincoln. So if you want this style of spare Ford key in Lincoln, the cost from us is around £200. If the dealer does it for you you’re looking about £250! 

Why are you £50 cheaper than the dealer?

We don’t have a flashy showroom, or ‘free’ coffee or Sky News (that no-one watches). There are only two of us working here and as well as cutting and coding your spare key, we answer the phone, and do all your paperwork. But the the key is exactly the same as you will get from The Ford dealer.

Now, if you want to save more money, let’s look at a cheaper option

Option Two - Genuine Ford Key without Ford badge

It’s crazy, but good news. We’re able to source and sell you a genuine Ford key, however it doesn’t come with a badge. Instead it looks like the key below. 

Spare Ford Key in Lincoln

The cost to supply this type of spare Ford key in Lincoln is £135, so a lot cheaper than option one above. The difference in cost is simply due to us being able to buy the keys wholesale, so we pass it on to yourself. To find out more, either drop into us on Chieftain Way, Tritton Road in Lincoln. Or call 01522 514141 before you visit and we’ll check that we have the key in stock. 

Option Three - Buying your Own Key

If you go online to eBay or Amazon there are lots of Ford  keys available. Some will be perfect and save you money, others won’t be any good. 

How Can I Make Sure I Buy the Correct Key?

All you can do is ask the buyer. There are some excellent sellers and you may pay £30 for a good quality Key. If you bring your own key to us, we charge £50 to cut and code it, so this could lead to a really good saving. However, if you buy a dud, then you may as well throw your money in the rubbish. the problems we see with eBay and Amazon keys are as follows. 

  • They are refurbished and sold as new
  • You’re sold the wrong type of key (the transit key won’t programme correctly to a Focus)
  • The key is poor quality and fails after a few months
  • The key blade is rock hard and damages your ignition lock over time
So just make sure you find a good seller, who you can message and feel confident in. 

Do You Repair Ford Keys?

Good news! We now have the cases and can fix this type of key.

To find out more about our Ford flip key repair Click Here 

How Do I order My Spare Ford Key in Lincoln?

It’s really easy. Call us on 01522 514141. We’ll need your car Make, Model and Registraton number and a contact number for you. We’ll check that we have the correct key in stoc once you let us know if you’d like a Ford badge. 

Then we’ll need you bring the car and wait for an hour while we cut and code your new key. Or have a walk up to the shops and come back to collect the car when you’re ready. It’s really simple. 

My Ford key looks different

No problem. There are three other type of Ford key, still fitted with a key blade and we’ll go through each one in turn. 

The oldest and best key Ford every made is used on the older Ford models as well as the late Ford Fiesta and looks like the key below.

Spare Ford Key in Lincoln

This type of key is used on the following vehicles, although the key blade may look different (the remote part of the key is the same whichever blade).

  • Fiesta 1999 – 2016
  • Ka 2002 – 2008
  • Focus 1998 – 2010
  • C-Max 2003 – 2008
  • Fusion 2002 – 2012
  • Galaxy 2006 – 2010
  • Mondeo 1998 – 2010
  • S-Max 2006 -2010
  • Connect 2006 – 2013

The issues with Ford badges on remotes applies to these keys also. The good news is that if you’re happy for a key without a badge there are some big savings to be made. 

Prices for the Older Style Spare Ford Key in Lincoln

Lets’s star with the key with the Ford badge on. Once again, the keys are only available from the Ford dealer abd the price for them to supply, cut and code a spare will be around £250. Again, we can save you £50 simply because we don’t have all the luxuries of a flashy showroom. 

If you’re happy to sit and wait in a clean, warm but simple reception, we can do the same key for around £200. 

That’s still too much!
That’s what we think. So we can also offer a genuine, Ford three button remote key without a badge for £120. That price includes cutting the blade, programming the key and VAT. We think this an excellent answer when you want a spare Ford key in Lincoln at a sensible price.
Does it get any Cheaper?
Again we’re happy to cut and code a key you get from eBay or Amazon. However, with this style of key you have several problems when making sure you get a good quality key.
  • There are three different style of chips that cover all the models listed. 
  • If you try and programme the wrong chip, it will not work. Worse still, you may damage the computer on the car.
  • Some of the aftermarket keys (not genuine keys) are terrible quality and stop working very soon after or simply won’t programme up to the car.

However, if you do buy a key and it’s the correct type of chip, we’ll happily cut and code the key for £50, including VAT. 

I Have Ford Flip Key that looks different.

  • There is another type of Ford flip key that is supplied with later Ford Fiesta models as well as some other models. The key looks like this.

Spare Ford Key in Lincoln

Flip keys are very popular for a couple of reasons. Practically, the blade folds away and doesn’t poke into your leg when the keys are in your pocket. They also look smarter.

The problem with supplying this type of key is the crazy price of the genuine keys.  For a genuine complete Ford flip key, the dealers charge nearly £250 including VAT

As always, we could save you £50 on the dealer price, even supplying a genuine key with a Ford badge, however that is still £200! 

Unfortunately, the  genuine remotes are not available without a Ford badge at present. This means the only option for a genuine key is to pay the full price. 

Can I Get  a Cheaper Aftermarket key?

We’ve tested lots of different keys that are sold through our suppliers and from eBay and Amazon. When we sell these, we need to keep in mind that they have to be as reliable as the genuine fixed blade remote above. Unfortunately we haven’t found any that come close, so we’ve decided not to supply any, apart from the completely overpriced Ford genuine key.

Will you cut and code one I buy of eBay or Amazon.

Yes, as with the other keys above, if you buy your own, we’ll happily make it work with  your car. For this we charge £50 inc VAT. However, we’d encourage you to think about the problems with eBay and Amazon keys, plus there is something else to think about.

Often, these keys come supplied with the wrong transponder chips, or chips that will not code to the car. We can fit the correct chip for you, at an extra cost of £10. 

Do you sell the latest Flip Keys?

A few years ago, Ford introduced a new style of flip key but we wish they hadn’t. Do you have a key that looks like the one below?

This style of key is used on the following vehicles.

  • Ka 2016 – 2020
  • Mondeo 2014 – 2020
  • Ranger 205 – 2018
  • Focus 2018 – 2020

The problem we’ve seen is that the flip part of the key breaks and the blade stops flipping out! Or, the blade get loose, wobbly and then breaks off altogether.

There’s not much good news about these keys and getting a spare is just as bad. 

Newest Style Spare Ford Ford Key in Lincoln – Prices

At present, we aren’t able to get these keys without a Ford badge. The Mondeo and Ka use the same key and cost around £210 from the Ford dealer. 

We’re able to supply, cut and code these for £160, again saving you around £50 for exactly the same key. 

However it’s a different story for the Ranger version of this key. 

For some reason, this key is nearly £120 (£100 + VAT) more expensive and we’re not sure why. It may be that they make a smaller number of them, so the price is more expensive for a smaller run. What it means for you is that a spare remote key is around £310 from the dealer. We charge around £260 inc VAT, but unfortunately there’s no alternative. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t fall apart, but we’ve seen two year old keys broken and in bits. It’s gind to be an expensive future for ford Ranger owners.

Can these style of keys be fixed? 

Yes they can and we’ve written a whole different article to cover fixing these keys. Click Here to read more. 

So that is it! We hope we’ve covered everything. These prices are correct as of April 2020 but of course they will change over the coming months and years. We’ll try and keep this up to date. 


If you have any questions please call us on 01522 514141.

Thanks for reading our article

Steve & Simon

Lincoln Car Key Men


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