Need a New Car Key Battery?

new car key battery

Is your car telling a message that you need a new car key battery? The message from the car is one way that you’ll know you need one.

Or, are the buttons on your key not working like they used to? Either way, before the key stops working altogether, make sure you get a new one, otherwise you may be stranded!

car key battery change

There are two types of car key. The first is the traditional type that has buttons and a key blade. This type of key needs to be turned in the ignition for the car to start. 

The second type is more modern. It looks like a keyfob and you have a button to press on the dashboard. This is called a proximity key or a smart key. 

We’ll look at both of these type of keys and why it’s so important to have a new key car key battery when you need it. 

Traditional car keys

This Ford Focus key is a good example of a traditional car key. It has a blade that flicks out when you press a button. It also has buttons on the keyfob that lock and unlock the car doors. 

The good news is that with this type of key, when the key battery dies, you can still drive the car. Although the car key buttons might stop working, don’t panic. Use your car key in the old fashioned way, drive down to us and let us take care of your problem. 

Not so smart car keys - new car key battery

If you have a smart key, then instead of having a keyblade to put into the lock, you simply press the start button on the dashboard. Is this a good idea?

Well it’s nice when it works. You get into the car, you don’t need to mess about with a key  and then off you go with the press of a button. Until you don’t. 

The problem with smart keys is when you need a new car key battery. When it all works normally and you press the start button, it checks to see whether it can sense the car key inside the car. It does this in a split second, so you won’t notice it happening. However, when the car can’t sense the car key, that’s when problems start

Depending on what type of car you have, you’ll get various messages. 

new car key battery

Fiat smart keys tell you that no key is detected

new car key battery

Nissan Show this message

new car key battery

When you get any of these messages, you are in trouble. The car will not start and you will be stranded. Yes you can do an emergency start, and we’ll cover this in another article, but for now, lets avoid this.

New Car Key Battery Needed

Normally you’ll get some warning. Firstly the car will try and help by telling you it’s time for a new car key battery. 

Depending on the make and model of the car, you may have from a week up to three months, before it gives up all together. 

We recommend that as soon as you get this message, you think about sorting out the problem. It will save you lots of worry and is a very low cost thing to remedy. 

Can I change my own new car key battery?

Yes of course. Some car key batteries are very easy to change. By the same token, for some car keys, it’s like being inside the crystal maze. Why do they make it so difficult? Who knows. Maybe it’s so you have to return the car to the dealer?

If you are going to change the key battery yourself, we recommend choosing a good quality battery. Everyday, we get visitors to our shop that have done the hard work, but the key still doesn’t work. 

Sometimes this is because the key needs to be re-coded to the car. But most of the time, it’s because the key battery is from a cheap shop, and they have got a pack of ten for a pound!

This is our rouge gallery. All of these were sold as a new car key battery. None of them worked after putting them into the car. You’ll notice that non of them are a brand that you may recognise. Please spend a little extra and get a good brand when you buy a new car key battery. 

Find out HOW To before you start

Every week, a customer brings in a key that is now broken, simply because they didn’t know how to change the car key battery. It’s such a shame to see a £250 key, broken, just to save the cost of a new car key battery. So do some research, look up on Youtube or read the handbook, so you stand a chance. 

We sell a new car key battery that lasts forever!

Okay, of course we can’t guarantee that the key battery will never run out. But what we do promise is that if you pay us to change the key battery, you can come back anytime. Even if it’s in five years, we’ll change it again for free. 

With the new Volkswagon, Seat Skoda and Audi cars, we see these need changing every eighteen months, so this is a great deal for you. Plus you know that it wil be done professionally and we stand by what we do. 

We’re very proud of this service. It helps hundreds of our regular customers and takes away the worry. 

How much is your new car key battery?

We call this a battery for life. We charge £10 for a high quality car key battery and hope you think this is a good deal. If you can change it yourself, that’s great news. However if you need help please call us on 01522 514141, or drop in to see us

Thanks for reading, if you have any car key questions you are very welcome to pop in. We offer our advice for free and really want to help you. 

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