Ford Transit Key in Lincoln


This week we’re looking at how to get a spare Ford Transit key in Lincoln. There are two types of key that are used since 2006. We’ve already written at length about the prices and problems of the later style of transit, since 2014.

Ford Transit key in Lincoln

So if your key looks like the one above, please click here to find out more.

How much does a spare Ford Transit key in Lincoln cost?

In this article we’re going to be looking at the prices and problems that come with owning the older style MK7 Transit

Ford Transit key in Lincoln

Your key should look like this

Ford Transit key in Lincoln

We’re going to look at the following problems and what it costs to sort these issues out.

  • Blue remote keys that stop working
  • Getting a spare blue remote key
  • Door locks that stop working 
  • Ignition locks getting difficult to turn
  • Dashboards that flicker and cause intermittent starting. 

By the end of the article we want you to know as much as we do about getting a Ford Transit key in Lincoln. 

Ford Transit key in Lincoln - Blue Remote Keys

Let’s start by looking at the blue remote key. In 2006 Ford introduced this key with the new model. They also changed the design to include a rechargeable key battery.

The idea was sound. It recognised that thee keys suffer at the hands of business users and wanted to make a sealed unit that was waterproof. Unfortunately, they didn’t take into account that rechargeable batteries have a shelf life and the design of the key let it down. Read more about the problems of rechargeable keys by clicking here on our national car key blog.

When you think about how long your smartphone battery lasts, there’s a reason we change our phones after 2-3 years. The battery runs down too quickly and my 2 year old phone already randomly switches itself off!

Image from


This new tough Transit key suffers from exactly the same problem. It charges as the van drives, and when new  works well. However, after a few the battery can  become unreliable and stop charging. 

Changing the Rechageable Battery

For a start, we don’t offer this service in Lincoln. We have looked at the benefits of doing this, saving you money on a new key. For a few months we changed the key battery and fitted a new case, charging £50 for the service. Unfortunately, over the next few months most of these keys stopped working and we then had to refund or redo the repair. 

The reason was because these keys already suffered from 3-4 years of hard wear and the battery was just one of the problems. So we scrapped this service because we believe it offers poor value to you.

Can I fix my own key?

If you search heard enough you will find the cases and batteries online. You’ll need to open the case correctly, otherwise the insides will be damaged. 

Ford Transit key in Lincoln

Also, if your key loop breaks, avoid drilling a hole for your key ring. There’s not much room for error and we often see the battery drilled through! This may be a better idea.

pic of washer glued on

So instead of fixing these, we just replace them. It’s not that we don’t want to help, we do fix lot’s of different types of keys (Click here to find out more). it’s just that a new key is a much better job. 

How Much is a Ford Transit Key in Lincoln?

There are a few options for you so let’s start with the most expensive option first. With all Ford keys, if you want one with a Ford Logo, then it costs more. At present, to get a genuine blue remote key, with a Ford logo on it, can be very expensive. Stocks are running low and sometimes they are only available from the dealer. 

To have a remote key cut and coded at the Ford dealer will cost around £300, which includes VAT. Think that is too expensive? So do we. So Here’s our advice on saving you money. 

Option One - Ford Custom Key without a logo

The good news is any good Auto Locksmith should be able to supply a genuine key for a lot less. Here at Lincoln Car Key Man, we can sometimes get hold of the blue Ford keys with logos on, but let’s assume we can’t because they often are unavailable. 

Genuine keys are available without a logo. The reason for this is simple. Trading standards are concerned about the flood of cheap copy keys that are available  online. They reflect poorly on Ford, so the rules have changed on buying a key with a Ford badge. 

These can only be purchased in the wrapper, sealed up and from the Ford dealer. You may see them on eBay or on other websites and they may, or may not be genuine. 

Ford Transit key in Lincoln

Image from

The remotes we sell without a logo are genuine Ford keys. We buy them wholesale and pass the savings onto you. Therefore, instead of paying £300 at the dealer, we can offer you one for £210, including cutting, coding and VAT. They also come with the Ford warranty, so call us on 01522 514141 if you’d like to book in. 

Option Two - Buy your own key

We know you want to pay as little as possible for a key. We get that. So we offer a service where we will cut and code a key you buy yourself. These are widely available.

However, a word of caution. In the world of car and van keys, if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. With these blue Ford keys, there are hundreds of online sellers that offer very cheap nasty copies. It makes no difference to us who you buy it from, but it may well cause problems for you. Here are some of the problems we see.

  • The buttons are too hard to press
  • The rechargeable battery is poor quality
  • Cheap plastic covers don’t line up with the buttons underneath so the buttons are difficult to use
  • The remote doesn’t fit correctly with the blade and so is loose
  • The blade is very hard metal and will damage the locks

We know some keys are fine, so check the reviews and buy from a seller that is trusted. 

Want an even cheaper job? Read on

Option Three - Re-use a Ford Blue Remote

With most car and van keys, they can’t be re-used. However, Blue Ford remotes are different. This means that if you have an old key spare, the remote can be swapped from one van to another. It will need a new blade fitting and cutting to match your van. Then it will need coding. Again we can do this for you at a cost of £50 and this may well be a good way to save some money. 

Lastly, if you’ve lost your one and only Ford Transit key in Lincoln or surrounding areas we can help. The price depends on where you are, so call us on 01522 514141 and we’ll give you a quote.

Now that keys have all been covered, let’s move on to the other problems with Ford Transit Locks

Problems with Ford Transit Locks

Ford keys and locks have been a problem for years. The key blade is cut strangely and they this ‘Tibbe’ style of lock isn’t very well understood. For a start, when looking at the door locks, they have an unusual quirk. Although only the correct key will unlock the vehicle, any key can lock it! 

Why is this a problem? 

We frequently take calls from confused owners. They believe the key is fine because they can lock the van. However they are convinced the lock is faulty because their key will not unlock it when they use it in the door. So let’s have a look at the locks to see what is going on. 

Ford Transit Door Lock problems.

The first thing that normally happens is the key buttons stop working. Then, instead of paying £150 for a new key, the drivers door lock is used instead. This is completely logical, but in the long-term ends up costing you even more money

After a few weeks or months of using the drivers door lock, it normally starts to become a problem to open the van. If you give it a wiggle, then it will open it, but that will only work for so long. There’s a good chance at this stage that it’s just the key blade that needs replacing, a cheap and simple job. 

Image from Reddit article.  Click Here to read more Hopefully it shows the difference between a worn key and a new blade. After a while, even if the blade is new, it no longer works in the door. This is because the lock has been damaged with a worn key. At this point you’ll need to have a new door lock fitted. 

There are two options for this. Either have the lock replaced with a brand new one from Ford, or have a high security lock fitted. To find out more about why we recommend the high security version, click here to read our national blog

Pic of MK7 reploc

We fit these and they cost £168, which includes fitting and VAT. Compared to the original door lock kit from Ford, they provide vastly increased security at a similar price. 

Ford Transit Ignition problems

Are you struggling to turn the key in the ignition? How long has it been a problem? The sequence of events is normally.

  1. The buttons stop working on the key.
  2. The key is used in the door lock and gets worn
  3. Your key then has trouble turning in the ignition
  4. Damage to the ignition occurs because a worn key is used too often
  5. New door locks and ignition is needed. 

We’ve written a blog post all about MK7 transit starting problems on our national blog. Please click here to read it because there are several problems that can easily be mistaken. To save you spending money on a new ignition lock, check out to see if it fits the bill. For more prices please call us on 01522 514141

That’s it!

We hope you have a few options now for choosing your new Ford Transit key in Lincoln. It just depends on what you want to spend and we can help with any of these options. Just call us on 01522 514141 if you have anymore questions and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Thanks for reading our article

Steve and Simon

Lincoln Car Key Men

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