Ford Focus Key in Lincoln – Prices and Problems

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This week we’re looking at what you should expect to pay for a Ford Focus key in Lincoln. Before we start talking about prices, it’s important to find out what sort of key you have. 

In 2008, Ford introduced a new kind of car key system. Instead of needing to put your car key blade into the lock and turn it on to start, they introduced keyless start.

Ford Focus Key in Lincoln

This changed the price of keys and who could programme them for a while. Thankfully, all good independent Auto-Locksmiths can now programme most Ford keys providing they have the latest equipment. So to help you get a quote, lets look at the type of key you may have.


What Type of key do you have? 


If you have a press button start, that means you have a keyless system. Most Keyless systems use this type of key

However, there are a few earlier models that use the key below. 


We’ve already written and article listing prices for keyless Ford keys, so click here to find out more. 

I have a blade on my Ford key.

Great stuff, that means you have the older style of key, usually a flip out key. The good new is that your car won’t be vulnerable to Keyless vehicle theft, we believe thay are much harder to steal. 

As well as keyless theft, you won’t be left stuck somewhere when you keyless car key battery fails. 

Hopefully your car key looks like one of the four keys below.


Ford Focus key in Lincoln

Focus 2011 – 2018


Ford Focus key in lincoln

Ford Focus 2005 – 2010


Ford Focus key in lincoln

Focus 1998 – 2004

If so Click Here to read about what you should expect to pay in Lincoln, UK

Ford Focus key in Lincoln - Problems to expect

We believe in telling you truth about the Ford keys you currently have and are planning to buy, so you know what to expect. Again you have different problems for Keyless fobs compared to the traditional keys with blades. 

To find out everything we know about problems with Keyless Fobs, Click Here

Or if you have the traditional key, Click Here to find out more

So that’s it! We hope this information is useful and you now understand what you can expect to pay for a spare Ford Focus key in Lincoln. Any questions, or to book in with us please call 01522 514141, or just drop in to see us on Tritton Road.

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