Ford Custom Key Problems in Lincoln

This week we’re looking at Ford Custom key problems in Lincoln. We think this key is the worst Ford have made and we regularly take calls from frustrated owners. We can’t print the words that some of them use about how they feel!

So this will look at all the problems we see, and which we can fix. 

Ford Custom Key Problems in Lincoln - Problem One

The first problem we see is when the buttons stop working on your key. Most of the time this is simply a fault with the battery. We get asked to change these  a lot and while it’s possible, it’s not straight forward. 

When Ford introduced this new style of key, they kept the rechargeable battery feature. This was used on the MK7 Transit and caused similar problems  (click here to read more). 

Unfortunately rechargeable batteries in car keys are a problem on all makes and models. If you think about how long your smartphone battery lasts (2-3 years), it’s no wonder that there are so many Ford Custom key problems in Lincoln. The batteries stop charging up, the legs on the batteries break and it’s all a bit of a disaster. 

Ford Custom key problems

The problem is that to try and fix it, the key must be broken open (it’s a sealed unit).

The other thing to consider is that it’s not possible to test the battery without breaking the key open. If it turns out that the battery is fine, you’ll need a new case fitted and the blade cut. 

This means you end up with a new case, (and a bill) but the key buttons still don’t work!If you want us to change your key battery we’re happy to. The charge is £50 for a new rechargeable battery, new case and the blade cut. Unfortunately we don’t give a warranty for the problems already mentioned. Check out our list of recommendations at the end of the article. 

Ford Custom Key - Problem Two - Worn Key Blades

The next problem is with worn key blades that stop turning the ignition lock. Of all the issues with these keys, it’s the one that causes most problems. We think that the blades wear faster than on other keys. This maybe because the locks are wearing them down more quickly than other cars. This week we’ve seen a 2017 Transit vans stranded, because key suddenly stopped turning in the ignition lock.

Ford Custom key problems

On this particular van, the spare key (which was brand new) worked well enough for the van to get moving again. However, the van needed a new key blade and a new ignition fitted so it could be used reliably. 

Problem Three - Loose and Wobbly key blades

All flip keys have problems. Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall are some of the worst, but Ford keys get the award for the very worst we’ve seen. 

Ford Custom key problems

Maybe it’s because these keys are used of high-workload vans which are bound to wear more quickly. However, this clearly wasn’t considered when the key was designed. 

The good news is that the cases can be replaced for a low cost, when compared to a brand new key. The charge to re-case a Ford custom key is £36 and e can do this while you wait. Or you may want to purchase your own key case from the internet. If so, we’ll cut it for just £10. Please see our list of recommendations below. 


Problem Four - Faulty Transponder chips

Another major problem with these keys concerns the transponder chip. All cars and vans have a small chip inside the key and when the ignition is turned on, the car looks for a chip that it recognises. ost of the time none of us take any notice of this because it happens in an instant. 

However, when the chip isn’t recognised, the your Ford Custom key problems mean your van won’t start. This could be because the transponder chip in your key is faulty. 

Ford Custom key problems

The Ford keys suffer from this problem along with Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall cars, to name a few.  If you see this message, then it could be a faulty key.

What can I do about my faulty key?

Can you bring the key to us so we can take a look? We have a special machine that measures how strong the signal is in your key. It will tell us if yours is faulty or not. We do the test for free and it will help you to work out why your Ford Custom won’t start.

Is there anything else that causes this message?

Yes. We’re starting to see problems with the immobiliser ring on some of these vehicles and have written a post on our national car key blog all about it. Click here to read more.


Our Tips to Help You

There are several Ford Custom key problems we can help you with, so lets look at these. 

  • Wobbly Blade. If your key blade is flopping about, then it may just need a new key case. We do this fix at our shop and it costs £36, including cutting the key blade. 
  • Worn Key Blade. If your ignition is getting difficult to turn, it may need a new blade. Again, we can fix this. We charge £30 to supply a genuine Ford blade, fit it to your key and cut it. 
  • New Key Battery. We don’t recommend this fix simply because it’s not always successful and even if it does work, it doesn’t always last long. But we’ll fix it as long as you are aware of this and we charge £50 for the whole job. 
  • New Key. If the transponder chip has failed and the van won’t start, you may need a new key. These range anywhere from £75 for a basic key up to £200 for a Ford badged remote key. We also have other cheaper models that may suit your budget. Click Here to read more about different Ford Custom key prices

That’s it!

We hope you understand the problems we see with Ford Custom keys and hopefully we’ll be able to help you. Call us on 01522 514141 if you have anymore questions or pop in to our shop on Triton Rd.

Thanks for reading our article

Steve and Simon

Lincoln Car Key Men

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