Duracell Battery not Working your Car Key ?

Duracell stickers

First things to say are that Duracell are an excellent brand and make excellent batteries. However, we keep seeing the same problem with your duracell battery not working inside your car key. It’s always the same story. 

We have a car key replacement workshop in Lincoln called Lincoln Car key man, and most weeks a customer will drop in and see us with the same stoty. They bought a new Duracell battery and fitted it correctly, but now the key doesn’t work. 

When we open up their car key we can see the problem immediately. 

Duracell battery not working

Duracell Battery not working - why is there a sticker?

We get it. No other brand of car key battery that we’ve seen has a sticker on it when brand new. Our customers are embarrased and we can understand this but then we show the they’re not alone. Just this year we’ve started to keep the stickers to show our customers how many other have had the problem of a Duracell battery not working. 

The idea is fair enough. The sticker reads ‘Harmful if swallowed’ and a picture of a parent and child. They want to protect your child from harm and this is sensible. 

The problem is that most of us don’t have small children around the house, it’s the last thing we’re thinking about. All the sticker does is give us all the Duracell battery not working problem. 

The good news is that once you’ve removed the sticker, your car key will work as normal. You won’t need the car key programmed.

We really hope this has helped you, for any other advice drop in and see us at our Lincoln Car Key Man workshop.

Where is the Lincoln Car Key Man?

It’s really easy to find us. We located on Chieftain Way estate, just off Tritton Rd. Our postcode is LN6 7RY, Click here to find us on Google Maps. If you’re local just pop in and see us, but if you’re travalling any distance, please give us a ring first on 01522 514141. 

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