Cheaper Ford Fiesta Key

Cheaper Ford Fiesta key

The Ford Fiesta has been the best selling car in the UK for so long now,and it’s one of of our most popular car keys we sell. So it makes sense for us to tell you about a cheaper ford fiesta key. With the cost of living still on the rise when we write this in May 2023, we wanted to share our money saving ideas. 

2015 Ford Fiesta

The photo shows the car we’re talking about, built between 2008 -2016. It can have two types of car key. The later have a push button start and use keyless start. If you have this type of car, we’ve already written about how you can save money. Click here to read about a cheaper ford fiesta smart key

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The key we’re talking about today is the traditional car key with a blade you put into the igniton and turn. Our customers tell us that they have already been quoted £300 for this key from the dealer!

We think this is far too high, so we’re going to show you how to get a cheaper ford fiesta key. 

How much is the genuine Ford key?

Before we show you how to save money, it will help to see how much the genuine Ford flip key is, so you can compare. 

Cheaper Ford Fiesta key

The first part of the key is the flip part above. It has the blade attached that is cut to suit your car. It also has the transponder chip glued inside the key. The price for this part is £53.87 from the dealer or cheaper from Ford direct

Next is the remote part, which has the buttons. This part is 12345 from the dealer, and is not listed on the Ford official shop. 

When you add these parts together the total cost 23456. Next, the key needs cutting and programming. We’re assuming that the rest of the £300 from Ford is in cutting and programming the key. We do not need the dealer equipment to do this, so our charge is £50 plus Vat (£60 inc Vat).

So if you really want a dealer key, with a Ford badge on, the total cost of this key, from the dealer is around £300. If you wanted it from us we’d charge £195, which is already a £105 saving. However we can save you even more money. 

Cheaper Ford Fiesta key - do you need the badge?

There is a money saving quirk with some keys, including Ford. As locksmiths, we’re able to get the genuine keys cheaper if we buy them without a badge. This all comes down to a ruling a few years back, which said all genuine keys must be sold sealed in genuine packaging. This is to protect you as a customer from getting cheap knock-off keys, sold as genuine.

At first it was a real problem. However, we now see this as an opportunity. 

We can offer the same high quality genuine Ford Flip key at a reduced cost. You still get the high quality but you don’t get a badge. This is a favourite of ours, and we charge £160 inc Vat for this key. So if you want a genuine key, this will save you £140 on the dealer price, nearly half price!

Cheaper Ford Fiesta key

But there is more money to be saved and both in genuine and budget keys. Let’s have a look at the last genuine option you have, which is for a non-folding key. This is still a cheaper Ford Fiesta key, but doos not have the folding feature. 

Cheaper Ford Fiesta key

At just £130, including cutting, programming and VAT, we see this as a real bargain. The key is genuine, it comes with our lifetime warranty and we sell these with real confidence. Over the years we’ve sold hundreds and never had any problems with them. 

But we also have a suitable key that is cheaper still. We now sell a range of budget car keys and one that is suitable for your Ford Fiesta. 

Cheaper Ford Fiesta key - Budget keys

At long last, a company has made a range of budget car keys that are much cheaper. No we’re not talking about cheaper copies of the genuine key. There are lots of these available from eBay and Amazon and we don’t like them. They are cheap for a reason and fall apart. We’ve written at length about these cheap copies and recommend you avoid. 

Cheaper Ford Fiesta key

We’re talking about a key that looks different to a Ford key, but does the same job and is high quality. This is a muti function key, or a budget key. It’s been designed to work with many different types of car, and we configure it to give you a Cheaper Ford Fiesta key. 

We’ve tested these keys for a while now and are very happy with the quality and would love to show you what we have. 

Where is the Lincoln Car Key Man?

We’re located in Lincoln, off Tritton Rd. Our workshop on Chieftain WAy is an easy place for you to drop in to get expert advice. We don’t do shoe repairs, or drycleaning or house signs. We’re just experts in one thing, car keys. Click here to find us on Google Maps

We hope to see you soon. 

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