Broken LDV Maxus Key – Spare key prices

broken LDV Maxus key

In 2019 the LDV Maxus was reborn. With an updated look and foreign investment to rebrand the tired van, we now see many of these locally. Unfortunately despite the new look, we’re seeing the same old broken LDV Maxus key problems. They combined the separate fob and key and put them together in a flip key. Although this is nice for you, it’s a problem when the key blade breaks. 

Broken LDV Maxus key

We are seeing the blades break, as you can see in our photo above. Now normall this is good news, simply because we can replace just the blade, instead of the whole, expensive new remote key. Unfortunately, the new key blades are not available as far as we know.

This means we have a broken LDV Maxus key, but no replacement blades. What can you do to get up and running? We have an answer. 

Broken LDV Maxus Key - Quickfix

In time, these replacement key blades will be available, however, until they are, you need to get moving again. To get round this we provide a brand new non-remote key. This key does not have the buttons you need, however it has the transponder chip needed to start the engine.

We clone the information from your old key and cut the new key to match you locks. 

broken LDV Maxus key

Can I still use my remote control?

Yes, we recommend folding the broken key inside the key and then having the old key and new key on the same keyring. This way you can use the old key a keyfob, it will save you having to put the new key into the doors. 

How much is a new LDV key?

Eventually this will be a simple case of replacing the key blade. However for now,  the cost for this type of key is £70 plus Vat, so £84 inc. We normally have these keys in stock. 

Where do I come to fix my broken LDV Maxus key problem?

It’s difficult to plan when your car key will break! We offer both a callout service to where you are, or a friendly workshop in the centre of Lincoln. We are on Chieftain Way, just off Tritton Rd, click here to see us on Google Maps

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