Broken Kia Key Repair

This week we’re looking at a broken Kia key repair that we helped our customer with, earlier this week. Our Lincoln customer had two flip keys and both were faulty.

The button pads that are used to lock and unlock the car had worn through. The buttons still worked, however it took a finger nail or a pen pushed inside to make the key button work. Are you having this problem?

broken kia key repair
Broken Kia Key Repair

Next, the more common reason for the Kia broken key repair is when the key blade becomes loose, as shown above. Our customer noticed this when the blade started to feel loose and wobbly. Soon after this, the blade dropped out of the key.

The reason this happens is the pin hole is very close to the edge of the metal. As a result, the metal cracks and the pin drops out. Often, the first thing you know is when the blade gets lost and you’re stranded!

Broken Kia Key – What Can I Do?

Three Options to help You.

There are only three options, all of which we help our local customers with in Lincolnshire.

The most expensive is a brand new car key. These can cost £200-£300 from the dealer, which we believe is so expensive! Next, there is a new version of car key on the market that can be configured to suit most types of car. These are made by a company call ‘KeyDIY’. We sell these and they can be 50% cheaper than the dealer equivalent.

The last and cheapest broken Kia Key repair is the one we want to focus on today. Usually, the inside electronics are still working and this means they can be transferred into a brand new case. Once the blank key blade is cut to suit your car, you can be up and running for around £45.

broken kia key repair

To check whether a key repair is suitable check the following

  • Do the buttons still lock and unlock the car?
  • Does the key, start the car, or would do if it was in one piece?
  • Do you have every part of the key, most importantly the key blade?

If you can answer yes to all three questions, then bring the broken key to our shop in Lincoln and we can fix it while you wait. Call us on 01522 514141 and we can let you know whether your key is one we can fix, or just drop in.

Thanks for reading our blog

Steve and Simon.

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