Ford Fiesta Flat Battery – 2018 onwards

Ford fiesta Door Lock

Hello again, this week we are looking what to do when you end up with a 2018 Ford Fiesta flat battery. Just lately we are starting to get calls from owners who have left lights or the radio on, and the car battery is flat. 

When this happens, the key buttons on your Ford Fiesta key will no longer lock and lock the car. If the car doesn’t have any power in the battery, it’s a bit like trying to change channel on the TV when it’s not plugged in!

2018 Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Flat Battery - Where's the door lock?

The first problem you’ll have is getting into the car so that you can charge up the car battery. In the good old days, you’d simply put the key in the door lock, open the car and pop the bonnet. The problem with the 2018 Ford Fiesta is that you can’t see the door lock. 

The clever people at Ford decided that the door lock spoiled the look of the car and hid it away. The lock is hidden away under a plastic cap which needs to be removed before you can charge your Ford Fiesta flat battery.

To remove the cap it’s very simple. The cap has a hole underneath, hidden from view. There’s a clue in the way of an embossed symbol of a key.

Ford Fiesta Hidden Door Lock

The key blade needs to be inserted into the hole and gently pushed upwards. Once you do this, you can give the cap a pull and it will come away from the door.

Underneath is the door lock and you simply turn the key clockwise and open the car. Once it’s open you can charge or replace the battery and then you’re up and running again. 

Take a look at this video which shows you up close how it’s done, we hope it helps. 

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