Ford Transit Custom Key Stuck in ignition

transit custom key stuck

Is your Ford Transit Custom key stuck in the ignition? We’re starting to see this fault, which is a bit unusual. There are not many vehicles where the key gets stuck in the lock and won’t come out. This does happen on Nissan cars and we already offer a repair service for this. Click here to find out more

However on Ford vehicles, it’s unusual, so we want to tell you all about it.

This fault actually happens on both the Transit and Custom models as the ignition is the same design. 

Why is my Ford Transit Custom Key Stuck?

Let’s start with the basics, it helps to understand how this locks works, which is pretty simple. 

When the correct key goes into the ignition lock, it pulls all the levers into the correct place and this lets the inside of the lock to turn smoothly. 

This is how the lock is when it’s brand new. The problem comes after a few years of constant wear and tear. Firstly the key blades become worn. You can see in this photo that the blade looks less crisp when compare to a new blade. 

Ford Transit Custom Key Stuck

Next, on the inside if the lock, it becomes worn and inaccurate. This means that when the key goes into the lock, the levers are not moved into the correct place. This causes the levers to stick out as you can see in the photo. 

Ford Transit Custom key stuck

Why is my Ford Transit Custom key stuck?

So why is your Ford Transit Custom key stuck in the lock? You probably already know that for a key to slide out of any lock, it must be turned all the way off. Even on your house front door, if you try and take the key out while it’s still turned, it won’t come out. 

Unfortunately, on this design of lock, when the key turns back towards the off postition, the protruding levers get jammed into a recess inside the lock. This prevents the lock turning all the way home. 

The good news is that you can still use your van, the bad news, you can’t get the key out! If you leave your Ford Transit Custom key stuck in the lock overnight, there’s a chance your van will be stolen. 

How do I fix this problem?

The only answer is a new lock. The good news is that you’ve caught the problem early and the key still turns. The next phase of the problem is when your lock is completely jammed up and won’t turn. 

All the time you have a lock that will turn, you can drive the van to any good Auto Locksmith, garage or dealer and they can replace the lock for you. This will save you the extra cost of a callout. 

How much will it cost to fix this problem?

We recommend you putting a new, Ford approved part into the van. There are cheaper versions of this lock and they are cheap for a reason. 

If you come to us, we will build a lock up to suit your key number. This means that when you drive away from us, the key that fits the ignition will still fit the door and the bonnet. For this service we charge £160, and this includes the following. 

  • Supply one new Ford key blade cut to code to match your lock. 
  • Fit the blade to your existing key
  • Remove the faulty lock
  • Supply new dealer part
  • Build the lock up to suit your existing key
  • Fit the new lock to your van.

This is the professional way to fix the problem of your Ford Transit Custom key stuck in the ignition. 

Where are you based and can I just turn up?

We have a workshop that is conveniently located off Tritton Rd in Lincoln. Click here to find us on Google Maps. 

If you are travelling from any great distance, we need you to call us first on 01522 514141.  This is so we can check if we have the replacement lock in stock, and our availablity. 

However, if the problem happens and you are nearby, then just drop in and we’ll see if we can fit you in. 

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