Ford Transit Broken Door Lock

Have you got a Ford Transit broken door lock? Have you checked to see if you can still get into the van when the main battery on the van goes flat? The reason we ask is that this week we had a problem when a customer lost his keys, and it turned out to be a BIG problem. 

Ford Transit Broken Lock
Ford Transit 2016 Model

There are two types of keys with a Ford Transit. The main key has buttons and unlocks the van using the key buttons. The other type of key is a non remote key, or ‘slave’ key. It doesn’t have buttons but does have a chip to start the van. 

When everything works ok, you probably don’t need to worry about your door lock. However, when the battery goes flat and the key buttons don’t work, then you’ll find out what a problem a Ford Transit broken door lock is. 


Ford Transit Broken Door Lock
Ford Transit Broken Door Lock

This week we were asked to replace keys that were lost on a 2015 Ford Transit. The customer had no idea that the door lock was broken, he’d never tried it. If he hadn’t lost his keys then he still wouldn’t know about his Ford Transit Broken door lock.

As a locksmith, when we make keys for any Ford, we use the door lock as a pattern, then hopefully that same key fits the ignition lock. On this occasion, the key turned in the lock fine, but the back of the lock had been snapped off by sometime breaking in to the van previously.


Ford Transit Broken door lock

This meant that even though we managed to make a key that turned the door lock, we couldn’t unlock the van using the key.

Instead of using the key to unlock the van, we had to wedge the door and open it the old fashioned way. This is like playing ‘hook a duck’ pulling on the door handle until the door opens. 

If the customer had ‘deadlocked’ the van, he would have been in even more trouble, and a broken window may be the only way to unlock the van. 

Ford Transit Broken Door Lock

Please please please, check out your door lock to see if it works as it should. If your door lock has been attacked and obviously damaged, get it fixed. Otherwise, one day, when the key buttons stop working, you’ll be locked out of your van.

The truth is that you’ll end up losing several days wages, even longer, just because of your Ford Transit broken door lock. 

When we fix this problem, we replace it with a strong security lock, one that can’t be broken by thieves. We also make sure we record your ignition key number and supply it to you as well. This way, when you lose your keys, everything is so much easier. 

You can see in the photo above, it’s just a much stronger lock and gives you so much more security. 

It’s a simple fix down at our workshop and won’t cost the earth. Give us a ring on 01522 514141 to find out more and as always, look after your keys!

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