Ford Transit Blue Key – Price rises and reasons

When your Ford Transit Blue key starts showing signs of old age, then you may be after a new one. Are you sitting down? The price may come as a bit of a shock. 

Well for a start, unlike before Covid-19, these keys are no longer easy to get hold of. At the time of writing in April 2023, the Ford dealership are the only way of getting the part. In the olden days we’d do a lot of these keys. We managed to get hold og good genuine keys, but without the Ford badge. Back then, we charged £150 inc VAT, however things have changed. 

Ford transit blue key

The price is almost double!

Three things have happened which now makes a Ford Transit Blue key expensive. 

  1. We can longer source genuine Ford blue remotes without the badge. They used to be everywhere and looking back, we should have bought a thousand!
  2. Every one of our suppliers tell us that they can no longer source these remotes, which means we are all at the mercy of the Ford dealer!
  3. The price of the genuine Ford Transit Blue key has gradually increased in price. As I type this, the price from the dealer is £160+vat, which is £192.  This is before we even start doing anything with it to work your van.  

How much is a complete Ford Transit Blue Key?

It depends on where you choose to get the get supplied, cut and coded. I imagine that the dealer prices are significantly higher than us, but lets concentrate on our charges. 

Ford Transit Blue Key

The first thing we need to look at is the key blade. This is the black part of your key that needs to be cut to match your ignition lock. This type of Ford key is called a Tibbe key, and anyone that has ever had a Transit knows they are bad! Click here to read up on these keys on the Ford Owners Club Website

We charge £25 plus vat to supply and cut a Ford horseshoe at the shop in Lincoln. Sometimes, if the key is difficult to turn in the lock, you don’t need the whoel key, just the blade. This will save you money on a new key.

Does my Ford Transit Blue key need programming?

Yes unfortunately it does. Since 1994 all Ford Transit vans have coded keys and although it’s a pain to you, it does stop hot-wiring and theft. Of course your van can still be stolen very easily, but that’s another blog post. 

Lots of garages have the equipment to code these keys in. We charge £45 to match up the key to the van. Once this is done, it will start the engine and the doors will unlock off the key buttons. 

What the total cost for the key?

Once we add up the £160+vat for the Ford remote, the £25+vat for the blade and £45 to code in the remote, we get to £230 plus VAT. 

So the total cost is £276 for a genuine Ford Transit blue key. We know this is a lot of mony, so here are a few alternatives that will save you money. Unfortunately none of these are as good as the real thing, but here goes. 

Remember, with car keys, you really do get what you pay for!

Buy a cheap copy key

When the genuine keys started to rise in price, we looked at supplying cheaper copy keys, such as these on eBay. We already do this with Vauxhall, Citroen and Peugeot and are really pleased with the quality. 

However, when we tried these Ford Transit blue key, but the copy version, they were awful. Some of them didn’t programme up, the rest came back to us over the following 3-6 months. They were unreliable and one of our customers became stranded because the key failed!

We take our responsibilities seriously and it’s not right to sell something that may fail. So we no longer supply these copy keys, although we know other local Auto Locksmiths do. We just don’t recommend them. 

Buy a used Ford Transit Blue key

The really good news about these keys is that you can reuse them. So if you find a good condition used key, we can replace the blade and reprograme the key to your van. 

The cost to do this is just £25 plus vat for the horseshoe, and £45 plus vat to code it in. So for £70 plus vat, £84 you can be up and running. 

Maybe you have one from an old van that was scrapped, or you can pick one up sheap somewhere? It’s worth a look. 

Can I supply my own key?

Yes, no problem. As long as you understand that that the copy keys are unreliable. You must also remember that the used genuine key from eBay may also be faulty, so it’s a chance you take. But yes, let us know you’re coming by calling us on 01522 514141, or just drop in. 

Where is the Lincoln Car Key Man shop?

It’s really easy to find us. We’re on Chieftain Way, just off Tritton Rd in Lincoln. Click here to see where we are on Google maps. 

We hope this has helped you understand the breakdown of the Ford Transit Blue key prices, and how we can help. 

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