Peugeot Boxer Lock won’t turn

Peugeot Boxer

It’s the worst feeling, having a full days work to get through, but having a broken down van! Is your Peugeot Boxer Lock starting to give you trouble, or are you already stranded?

We see a lot of these vans with worn locks and worn keys and we can help you get moving again. 

Before we explain how we can help, let’s look at how the dealers can help you. 

The dealers have two options for you. They can either sell you a full set of locks from Italy, which can take four weeks to arrive. Or they can order an individual lock,  built up to suit your key. The last customer we talked to was going crazy because he’d waited eight weeks for a lock and it still hadn’t arrived! Meanwhile his van was standing idle. 

However, the dealers aren’t being awkward, these are the only options they have to offer you.

The good news is that we can help you quickly and we want to explain how.

We’re going to run through all the options you have. When you finish reading this, you should understand what we recommend for your Peugeot Boxer lock problem. 

Peugeot Boxer

There are three problems that cause your Peugeot Boxer key not to turn, and we’ll go through each one.

Why won't my Peugeot Boxer Lock turn?

Let’s start with the simplest first. Over the lifetime of the van, the keys get worn. With the Peugeot Boxer, this is very common. 

You’ll get warning signs, with the key needing a wiggle to get the steering lock off at first. Then it will take longer and longer to turn. Eventually you are fighting with the lock just to get one good turn.

If you ignore these warning signs you’ll end up where your Peugeot Boxer key won’t turn at all. 

We recommend looking at you key first. We have a specialised computer controlled key cutting machine that can measure your key and tell us if it’s worn. However, with eighteen years experience cutting keys, often we can see the wear by simply looking at your key. 

cut a car key

If it’s just the key that’s worn, we can change the key case and re-cut the key like new. We don’t copy it from the old key because then you’d just have a new key that’s already worn! Our state of the art machine will calculate how it was when it left the factory, and re-cut it to that pattern. 

Once this is completed, you’ll often find that the lock will work perfectly, saving you hundreds of pounds and weeks of stress. If the key doesn’t solve the problem then we look at the ignition lock. 

Peugeot Boxer Lock won't turn - Reason Two - The Lock

Peugeot Boxer Lock

If a new key blade doesn’t fix this, then we’ll need to put a new lock in. 


On eBay and Amazon you’ll see cheap locks, with a cheap lock housing, all ready to go. We see these fitted to customers vans a lot, and to be honest we don’t like them. We believe that if you need to rely on your work van, then why would you scrimp on a new cheap lock? Some of these cheap units last just a few months, then you are back here, stranded again. 

We recommend that if you need a new lock, you get a genuine Fiat made lock. (Even though you have a Peugeot van, it’s still all Italian Fiat parts). 

The good news is that instead of having to wait 8 weeks for a lock to arrive, we keep them in stock. We can have you up and running, with a genuine part, on the same day. 

Peugeot Boxer - Reason Three - The Lock Housing

The lock sits in the lock housing. This is simply an aluminium tube that is attached to the steering column. The lock sits inside it, along with the ignition switch. 

Peugeot Boxer Lock

When the van does lots of stopping and starting, such as a DPD or DHL driver, the housing eventually develops a fault. This includes the van cutting out, it being difficult to start. We discuss this further, click here to read more. 

This is not a lock fault, however we can still help you with this problem.

How much is a new Peugeot Boxer ignition Lock?

The cheapest way to get a new lock is to come to our workshop while you can still drive it. We can then easily get the lock out (we have to turn it to remove it). 

We build the lock up to suit your key, plus we normally replace your key case and cut it to suit your van. This way both the lock and the key blade and brand new and will work perfectly. 

The cost if you come to us is £180, this includes the genuine lock, built to your key, and a new key case if needed. This is the simplest example, so let’s move on to what happens if you are stranded.  

I'm stranded, my lock won't turn

No problem, this is really common. When we come to you there will be a callout fee which depends on where you are. This covers the cost of driving to you, and the time it takes. The average callout cost is £40 plus Vat. 

Next there is some extra work to do and it’s all a bit ‘chicken and egg’. 

To replace the lock,we need to turn the lock. However, if the lock was turning correctly, you wouldn’t need a new lock! The important thing here is to get the lock out without replacing the housing if possible. This will save you the extra cost of replacing the lock housing. 

However, if the lack is completely jammed, it will need a new housing as well.

The average to replace the lock, the housing, the key case, and all the callout and labour is £375 plus Vay (£450). This is the absoloute worst case, but the good news, with everything brand new and genuine parts used, you’ll have no more trouble. 

If you use cheap eBay parts, you may get away with £150-£200, but they will not last. 

Don't put it off

If you have a problem, you know it needs to be sorted. Just like visiting the dentist, if you catch it early, it may just be a filling. But leave it too long and you may need to lose that tooth! It will end up more expensive and much more painful. 

Where is the Lincoln Car Key Man workshop?

We’re very easy to find, near the centre of Lincoln, off Tritton Rd. There is plenty of parking near our shop on Chieftain Way. Click here to find us on Google Maps. 

If you are local, just drop in and show us your problem, but if you’re coming a distance please cal us first. We normally have the parts in stock, but please call us on 01522 514141 to check before you travel. 

We hope this has helped. This is a simple problem for us to sort out. Please, please, avoid cheap and nasty copy locks and hosings. They are very poor quality and will let you down. Call us anytime for advice and we hope to see you soon. 

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