Car Key Repair Service in Lincoln

car key repair service in Lincoln

Are you looking for a car key repair service in Lincoln? Every day, we see car keys that have seen much better days, with various problems. 

In this article we aim to show you a few of the problems we can fix, and give you some examples of actual keys we have fixed and the costs involved. 

Let’s look at some of the problems that car keys have. 

Loose and wobbly key blades

With any key blade that flips in and out, there’s going to be problems. Because the moving parts include a button, a spring and the rest of the mechanism, things break. This leads to the blade flopping about, or not working correctly. 

Broken key blades

car key repair service in Lincoln

Since 2010, we’ve started to see key blades that break away from the key. We believe this is because the metal used in the key is not strong enough. The most common keys that this affects are the VAG group, VW, Seat, Skoda and Audi and Also Vauxhall keys. 

The above photo shows the broken blade holder and explains why the blade falls away from the key. 

Key buttons that break

When you press your key button, you are actually pressing on a rubber or plastic pad that protects the delicate electronics. 

With some keys, including Vauxhall flip keys, these pads come away from the key and expose the electronic circuit board. It is very important that you fix this as soon as possible, before water gets into the electronics. Otherwise, the key will be ruined and it may not start the car. 

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Car key repair service in Lincoln

Car Key Repair Service - Where are You?

We’re based in the centre of Lincoln, on Chieftain Way, Tritton Road, postcode LN6 7RY. If you’re local in Lincoln, then please just drop in to see us and we can get you a quote to fix your car key. 

If you are travelling some distance, please call us first on 01522 514141 to check we are open and we have your car key parts in stock. 

Click here to find us on Google Maps 

Car key repair service in Lincoln - Examples

Our aim is to build a list of examples that we see during our car key repair service in Lincoln. We hope you find your vehicle, but if you need help then call us on 01522 514141

Peugeot 207 Car Key Repair

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Car Key Repair Service in Lincoln

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Renault Trafic Key Repair

Trafic key repair

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