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Ford Transit Key in Lincoln

  This week we’re looking at how to get a spare Ford Transit key in Lincoln. There are two types of key that are used since 2006. We’ve already written at length about the prices and problems of the later style of transit, since 2014. So if your key looks like the one above, please

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Locked out in Lincoln – Vehicle Advice for a Bad Day!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re locked out in Lincoln and needing some help. The first thing to say is don’t panic because we’re going try to help you. Furthermore, try not or make things worse by having a go yourself and damaging your car unless you are confident you know what

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Spare Ford Key In Lincoln

This week we’re looking at what to do if you need a spare Ford key in Lincoln. Ford keys are fairly straight forward and a reasonable price compared to other brands. However, before we can help you with a price, there are several things we need to know. The first is really simple. The first

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Ford Focus Key in Lincoln – Prices and Problems

This week we’re looking at what you should expect to pay for a Ford Focus key in Lincoln. Before we start talking about prices, it’s important to find out what sort of key you have.  In 2008, Ford introduced a new kind of car key system. Instead of needing to put your car key blade

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Ford Custom Key Problems in Lincoln

This week we’re looking at Ford Custom key problems in Lincoln. We think this key is the worst Ford have made and we regularly take calls from frustrated owners. We can’t print the words that some of them use about how they feel! So this will look at all the problems we see, and which

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Ford Custom Key in Lincoln

This week we’re looking at how to get a spare Ford Custom key in Lincoln. We see lots of these keys that are faulty and we’ll cover the main problems later in the article. Getting a spare should be easy because a good Auto Locksmith will be able to supply one for you.  How much

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Ford Keyless Fob in Lincoln – Prices and Problems

This week we’re looking at everything you need to know so you can buy a Ford Keyless Fob in Lincoln. In 2008, we started to see the first cars with a push-button start instead of an old-fashioned ignition lock. The Ford Focus and Mondeo were the first models to try the idea out and its now

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Vauxhall Insignia Key in Lincoln – How to Save Money

This week we’re looking at how to save money when buying a spare Vauxhall Insignia key in Lincoln.  This style of flip key was introduced with the Vauxhall Insignia but unfortunately they’ve been a problem. Of all the broken car keys we fix, these are the most common key we see.  Spare Vauxhall Key in

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Lost Car Keys in Lincoln

I know how it feels because I’m forever losing my phone and keys. So this week we’re looking at how to fix the problem of lost car keys in Lincoln. But first a very brief history lesson so you understand the problem of losing car keys. About 25 years ago, cars were stolen easily, ‘Hotwired’

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Need a Spare Car Key in Lincoln?

It used to be easy to get a spare car key in Lincoln. Just pop to the local key cutting shop, and £5 later you had a simple metal spare that started the car. The in 1994 they started to put chips in keys and only the car dealers could make them for you. About

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Fix Your Broken Car Key in Lincoln

If you’re reading this, you most likely have a problem. Are you looking for someone to fix your broken car key in Lincoln? Car Keys are getting worse. When we started up in business fifteen years ago, we hardly saw keys that had fallen apart. Sometimes the blade would break from wear and tear. However,

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broken car key in Lincoln

Broken VW Key Fixed in Lincoln

Do you have a VW, Seat or Skoda car made after 2010? Have you heard about the problem with these keys snapping in the lock? Every week in our shop on Tritton road, we see customers that have a broken VW key that has just fallen apart! We wanted to tell you what we can

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